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August 23, 2019

New Pre-Fall Mudroom Tour | Harvest Baskets

Here we are in my mudroom, again.  I shared a photo on insta earlier this week showing what a disaster it had become during last week's new collection launch.  For those of you that think I'm a neat freak, you are wrong.  I am a creative at heart, but my aesthetic happens to be streamlined, clean and symmetrical, which is why I like my spaces to look tidy and neat.  However, when I'm working and doing my thing, I'm a disaster.  It fosters my artistry... I think.  

I don't think of home/office/life organization as a chore, I see it more as a design thing.  At the end of a project (day/week/season), I love taking time to make everything pretty again.  I think it is called "styling" nowadays.  

This is one of my favorite parts of each season, when I can put one collection to bed and move on to the next.  I love living in the season ahead in my office.  My own little world I can create.  

Can you get over the new block prints for fall?  By far my favorite collection of all time.  The collection on the right will launch in September, the one on the left in October.  

I used to have one board for work and one board for family.  I've given myself permission to let this entire room be just for my creative process.  There is such mom/wife guilt to not have their photos and her art everywhere.  But the entire house is focused on them and my role as a mom/wife, this is my space to create and daydream.  And I snuck a couple of tiny black and whites.

Hydrangea Pillows with Natural Linen Flange, Rectangle & Medium

Hydrangea Pillows with Natural Linen Flange, Rectangle & Medium

I keep all of my working samples, ribbons, gift wrap supplies, botanicals and linen samples above my desk in baskets.

I've just restocked these baskets today in the store.  I love them because they are inexpensive and hold so much stuff.  What might look like a disaster otherwise, looks charming and neat.  

This one keeps all of my ribbons for each season.

In another I keep Cello Bags & Treat Bags - always prepared to wrap something up for a gift, send a stack of cookies to school, make 10 bags of trail mix for Girl Scouts or send Mike off to work with a slice of banana bread.

Dining Chair (as my desk chair) from Restoration Hardware in Fog Linen

Always signing JSH notes to go in packages shipped at The School House.

I've been burning the Orchard Candle this week to put me in that Pre-Fall mood while planning the next collection.  My White Stoneware Pitcher is filled with Rose Hips, another Pre-Fall favorite.

New Gold Frames for Painting Prints... a new one coming soon inspired by our trip to England

A huge stack of vinage Martha Stewart Livings for inspiration.  This is the only hoarding I do.  Ok, these and ribbon.

I was keeping my tubes of Wrapping Paper in the drawer with ribbon.  But then I design too many, so I had to move my collection.

Now I keep it here in the corner and above in the hanging basket.  Ok, so Magazines, Wrapping Papers & Ribbon.

In addition to my Large Harvest Basket Trays, $16, I've restocked the smaller size (Harvest Basket | Small, $8).  They make a great gift basket and pantry organizer.

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