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November 01, 2018

The Holiday Collection

There is nothing quite like how our homes feel during the Holidays.  I'm not sure if it actually is the twinkling lights in the background or the fire crackling, or if it is just in the air - but it is something we all crave and love.  Maybe it is the extra layer that our home accumulates.  The extra throw or pillow, the natural elements we bring in like fresh garlands and trees.

Each year my decorating gets more natural and subtle.  I've settled into my natural love of more muted greens and golds, using smaller accents of red.  I also love to incorporate colors that aren't as traditionally "holiday" like in between blues and greys.  There is something about them that feels country and old fashioned when mixed with traditional decor.  

This collection features three new block print textile designs, six new wrapping papers, so many ribbons and a new addition - glass ornaments.  We collect glass ornaments each year as souvenirs from our travels and as gifts to each other and I'm so excited to share that tradition with you, too.  Venturing into Wrapping Papers this year has been a dream - for so many years I've wanted to design wrapping papers for the holidays.  

It is such a pleasure for me to create things for you to use during the holidays.  All of these products were thoughtfully created for you so that you are able to create magical, special holidays for your families.  I love that you share these homemade holiday passions with me.  Happy Holiday Planning : )

I love these special tea towels for hostess gifts during the Holidays.  Tied with a beautiful ribbon - they are beautiful alone or with a bottle of wine or something homemade.

I love this print.  Once Halloween is over, I'm attracted to these more rich and saturated colors.  This feels country and charming to me, but also in a nice clean print.

Always do velvet pillows in our more formal living room - something about the velvet makes the room feel rich and luxuries.  And I love the saturated colors.

I've potted my Paperwhite Bulbs and have them all gathered here in a basket on our chest - my favorite way to keep my gardening passion going during the winter months.  Their blooming and sprouting becomes a family event as we check them each day.  They are also another favorite gift to give during the holidays - which is why I have so many : )

Throw pillows aren't just for sofas.  I love a single pillow on a stately chair.

As I mentioned, we have a growing collection of glass ornaments at our house.  Last year, Mike purchased an antique chest of drawers for our living room and it houses our collection.  They are each lovingly wrapped in tissue and stored there the entire year.  I love that we've created this special home for them.

We have (and by we I mean my Mom...) wrapped all of these ornaments individually in tissue paper and Kraft boxes.  The boxes are labeled with the name of the ornament and the year - a perfect keepsake.

Shop Ornaments >

It is a complete dream to be designing wrapping papers - it is becoming my new favorite project to work on, which is why there are so many : )

4 sheets of wrap packaged in a Kraft Tube.
Each sheet is 36" x 24"

Tessa's Floral Bouquet Paper

Tessa, from, has long been a source of inspiration for me.  We've gotten to know each other personally over the last 7 years through our blogs.  I'm constantly consulting her for product ideas, travel recommendations and decorating my own home.  Her insights are always spot on - one of those people that knows your own style better than you do!  I asked her to design a wrapping paper for the Holiday Collection with the direction - "What is your dream paper?"  We texted back and forth for about 20 minutes and this design was born.  I'm so obsessed with the mossy green and large scale botanical - so Tessa.
4 sheets of wrap packaged in a Kraft Tube.
Each sheet is 36" x 24"

Something for the Kids

This year I created some whimsical wrapping papers perfect for kids.  I always struggle to find something that feels fun for Emma, but charming enough for me.  She helped me design these papers based on two of our Holiday favorites - the Nutcracker and the Polar Express.  The Polar Express design has Trains, Snowflakes & Trees in a perfect mossy green.  The Nutcracker Design has Gingerbread Houses, Snowflakes and Nutcrackers (of course).

 I plan to combine these prints with my cheerful gingham papers, too.  Both papers look perfect with Red or Navy Grosgrain Ribbons.  Besides how sweet these papers are, just the memories that the themes bring me, give me those warm and fuzzies we love during the Holidays.

October 24, 2018

Fall House Tour of Our Home

We are being treated with the most gorgeous autumn weather this week.  In fact, I've been waiting for a gloomier day to take outside photos to get that more muted, shadowy look I love during fall.  We've had nothing but the bluest skies with the brightest foliage we've seen in years - I guess it'll have to do ; )

Last week I took out the overgrown pansies (though they still looked beautiful with all of the wet and sunny weather) and replaced them with all of the gourds and pumpkins we've accumulated during the fall.  They were taking over the inside of our house!  We're hosting Thanksgiving this year, so I'm looking forward to having these outside for the next month, unless the squirrels get to them first.

I was hoping to get some "fall" photos before the Halloween spiderwebs went up, but, I got to anxious to get our house spooked out.  After Halloween, the spiderwebs will come down and it will look classic autumn again.  We love halloween around here.

Inside, I'm embracing all colors muted and warm - love the mix of these slate ticking stripe + gold fleur block print pillows.  They compliment each other so nicely and feel a little elegant in our living room.

While the outdoor garden is fading, the indoor one is coming to life.  I'm ahead of the game, but it is almost time to start those paperwhite bulbs.

We've had this little guy for a couple of years - I love him!  He feels very old fashioned to me, and perfectly festive.

Mike's office doesn't get very much attention on here, but I especially love this room in the fall and winter months.  

This is our cozy room.  We mostly use it after Emma goes to bed or on Saturday mornings for coffee and watching This Old House : )

This photo is from last year but our kitchen always feels about the same... except not as clean today : )

It is looking more like this this week from the Thanksgiving Collection launch.

Plus some M&Ms.  Thank goodness these are Candy Corn M&Ms (Emma's choice)... I'm not tempted by them.  I already polished off the Peanut Butter fall M&Ms from last week. 

Ok, now I'm motivated to get the counters cleaned off again.

I've added the new Grey Check and Gold & Grey Stripe Pillows to the hearth room and I'm in love.  Since I added the gold block print ottoman slipcover I've been needed some more saturated tones.  It is a nice break from all of the white during these cozier months.

I also added more framed botanicals to create groupings of four on each side of the fireplace.  It makes the room feel so much more finished - love.  To make them not feel quite so busy, I used the thicker mats with the smaller openings.  This are the 11x14" frame, antique narrow mats with 5x7" prints.

On the other side of the hearth room, the dining room is set (for the moment!).  I just piled tons of pumpkins down the center and lots of taper candles.  Such an easy and bountiful tablesetting - no floral arranging skills necessary.

The Grey Check Napkins are so nice with my Spode china.  In the past, linens have been tricky to coordinate with the Spode since it has such a strong pattern.  The new grey check is such a nice compliment.

Grey Check Napkins >
Satin Ribbons >

I've moved the paper white bulbs to the sunny spot in the mudroom for the meantime until they start to shoot up.  I call it my "garden bench."

Mr. Darcy and I love these fall days.  After a non existent spring and a too hot and dry summer, we've earned this beautiful weather.

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