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November 29, 2016

Our (In-Progress) Holiday Home Tour + 30% Off Pillows & Throws Today

Today I'm going to take you on a little tour of our in-progress decorating in our home.  I'm making an effort to not be a decorated-in-a-day person for Christmas this year, as I like to keep adding layers each week/day as we get closer to Christmas.   We'll display Emma's "artwork" as she creates it, add more fresh greens in a week or two, string more lights when the mood strikes, and just take our time enjoying the process. This year I'm in the mood to do lots of old fashioned homemade crafty projects with Emma (popcorn stringing, gingerbread ornaments, cranberries & oranges, pinecone garlands...) and we'll look forward to working on those little by little each week. 

In this little tour, you'll notice a lot of pillows and throws : )   In fact, it might feel like the entire house is decked out - but really, it is just to the credit of pillows.   They are the first thing I do each season (along with the tree) and they add instant warmth and coziness.  So, in celebration of our first layer of holiday decorating, I'm offering 30% off all Pillows & Throws today.  The pillows are perfect for your own home and the throws make great gifts.

We put the lights up right before Thanksgiving (so we could switch them on that night after the feast!) which is why you still see a giant pumpkin and "signs" welcoming everyone to Thanksgiving...

I'm in the mood for big and full greens this year - the more wild, unruly and natural the better.   Our tree follows suit, as well.

I love how this 30" frasier fir wreath has taken over the entire door.

Ignore the string of light from the tree straight to the outlet... still rounding up extension cords.

Pillows :  Clay Velvet, Large Snowflake Hooked & Leaf Block Print Rectangle

Pillows :  Clay VelvetLarge Snowflake Hooked & Leaf Block Print Rectangle

I love this cozy view.  This year I have lots of layers of color, not just red.  I love the deep green of the "Family Tree" Hooked Pillow, the warm Amber Velvet and the colorful hooked stockings.

Pillows & Throws (Left to Right) :  Heathered Grey & Cream Throw, Amber Velvet Pillow, Family Tree Hooked Pillow.

This is my absolute favorite cozy corner in the house.  I picked up that tree top at the florists and strung some darling star wire lights on it.  It took 3 minutes and makes this little corner sparkle - my kind of christmas decorating.

Pillow : Classic Navajo Embroidered Pillow ($48, $60),  Amber Velvet Pillow, Chocolate Cable Knit Throw ($120 $140)

I picked up those red stockings at our favorite local antique store.  I'm not sure they are actually old, but I love the long simple lines and old fashioned feel it gives the mantle.  I'm sure they would be so simple to make.

Pillows : Hooked Snowflake Lumbar, Clay Velvet, Slate Wreath Block Print 

Pillows : Hooked Snowflake LumbarClay VelvetSlate Wreath Block Print 

Paperwhites time!

Again, the power of pillows.  Just adding these two Navajo Embroidered Pillows has transformed our room into a cozy Christmasy feeling space.

I love how this little pillow made a very pink girly room into a festive spot.  

These gold stars are up all year long, but they feel especially festive this time of year.

Notice, no photos of the floor... covered in toys : )

My office/mudroom gets the a tiny little Starflake Pillow and the whole room feels festive.

Can't wait to make these Nativity cookie cutters.  For now, I love that they are my kitchen Nativity set.

Love these twins on our french doors!

(photo from last year)

If you are new here, you can visit this link to see my Christmas Kitchen Tour from last year to see more of our kitchen.  It looks similar this year... but just not as clean so I didn't photograph : )

Love these star twinklers.

The tiny tree has moved to the kitchen corner... just love it so much that I move to wherever I am.

Happy Decking the Halls and taking your time to enjoy making your home sparkle with your loves : )


  1. It looks wonderful. I agree with your thinking of doing little by little and adding when the mood strikes. Last Saturday I caught myself in a tizzy trying to get everything done and "perfect" and I wasn't really enjoying the process..... So thank you for that insight - this is just what I needed to hear.

  2. Kirby - Well, I may sound wise... but I was the same way on Saturday : ) I just threw my hands up and said I'm done with it for a few days, then we went and had margaritas and mexican food!

  3. Love the pictures! Everything looks so cozy. Can you please tell me how you attached your wreaths to your French doors? Are they doors that are used frequently? Love the look, but I'm worried about the wreaths staying put. Thanks!

  4. Sarah - I use a thumb tack on the top of the doors to secure the ribbon. We do use them all of the time and they are just fine!

  5. Hello! Your home looks gorgeous - as always! I have to ask what type of outdoor lights you use. They looks so perfect!


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