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July 23, 2016

Summer Peach Inspired Brunch Menu

As I mentioned, we hosted some friends for brunch a couple of weekends ago.  The table setting was simple and easy (all gathered from my yard) and menu was inspired by the first good summer peaches. 

We started the morning with these Orange, Banana & Peach Smoothies and ended the meal with Peach Sugared Scone "Shortcakes."

Orange, Banana &
Peach Smoothies

2 cups of peaches, sliced
1 banana
2 cups of orange juice

In a blender, combine all ingredients.  Add more oj if it is too thick, and add more banana if it is too thin.  Chill for 30 minutes before serving or serve over ice.

Here is the simple setting that I posted last week - a random assortment of herbs, vines and flowers from our yard in an "organic" style bouquet.

The bacon getting ready to be baked - 325 degrees for 18-22 minutes.  The BEST way to fix bacon.   We've been having our fair share of bacon lately... Bacon, Avocado & Tomato Sandwiches almost everyday for lunch!

White Cheddar & Chive Strata (you might remember it from a brunch we hosted last fall?)

A big fruit platter (not actually pictured here - forgot to take a photo!) that was inspired by this platter (that is pictured...) we had in East Hampton.  I love how they presented the fruit in individual bowls on a copper tray.

And the "dessert," Peach Sugared Scone "Shortcakes" with Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream that I posted about last week.


Thanks for sticking with me this week and last - I've been busy ordering and organizing everything for the new store that will be part of this blog.  Tomorrow I'm doing a photo shoot of some of the new products with new recipes... stay tuned!!

July 21, 2016

End of Summer Sale | 40% Off Every Order

 End of Summer Sale | 40% Off Every Order
I mentioned this week that I've started work on a Home Organizing Collection due to come out in a couple of weeks (early August) followed by the Fall Collection. With crazy high temperatures this week - I'm so glad to call this the End of Summer Sale. However, I know that we still have 8 weeks of hot weather ahead of us. But, it is time for me to move on with new inventory... which means, you get an awesome deal on everything, 40% off of every order.
Stock up on essentials, buy gifts for friends and a few things for yourself, too!

Shop the Everyday Occasions End of Summer Sale >

Shop the Everyday Occasions End of Summer Sale >

Shop the Everyday Occasions End of Summer Sale >

Shop the Everyday Occasions End of Summer Sale >

July 19, 2016

Press : Country Living Magazine | Our Dining Room

Press : Country Living Magazine | Our Dining Room

I love real magazines.  In fact, while the rest of the world relies on blogs, pinterest and insta for inspiration, I still love magazines.  Every weekend I get up early, make a cup of coffee and go outside to read a stack of magazines all by myself.  For me, it is a source of inspiration and a feel-good routine that can't be replaced by an ipad.  It may seem a little strange for me to say this because, I am after all, a blogger... most of the time ; )

This month, you'll find my dining room featured in Country Living Magazine.  They selected 50 rooms across the country and mine is found under "Kansas."

Here is a link to the article. 

Did you notice a new blue and white napkin in the photo above?  They will be a part of a new collection in just a couple of weeks.  Be sure to signup for my newsletter emails to be updated when new products are added or restocked.

Here is a link to more details and photos of this table setting.  It was part of the spring collection with these fabulous block print tablecloths. Please send me an email if you would like to special order this lilac table cloth.  I have similar versions in stock right now that are part of my current Linen Collection.

This "Cherry Pickin'" article inspired my post on Easy Petite Cherry Pies (photo above).

I love these hand pies.  They are the next thing on my to-make list... sweet and savory.

July 18, 2016

Baking & Kitchen Essentials Restocked | Parchment, Containers, Baking Sheets

We just got home from our morning walk.  With temperatures rising to upper 90's all week, I try to get out and about in the morning, then am happy to stay in during the heat of the day.  We usually reemerge after 5pm to head to the pool, ride bikes or play.  It almost feels like those days in the middle of winter, when we're hunkered inside.  It gives me time to tackle some projects, which I love.

Today I'm working on re-organizing and freshening my kitchen cabinets.  We moved in a year ago, and we sort of hit the ground running.  I'm taking some time to regroup in the kitchen this week, wipe down shelves and get it down to basics once again.  I'll share how I organize my kitchen, how we designed it, what I keep where and what I find essential.  You might be surprised to find that I don't really have that much at all - not too many gadgets or specialty items.  What I do have, I use.  Over and over.

Happy Monday : )

July 16, 2016

Simple Summer Table Setting

A few weeks ago we had our friends + new baby over for brunch on a Saturday morning.  

Normally, I wouldn't really worry about having a floral 'arrangement' for a casual brunch with this group of friends, but Mike had taken Emma on a long walk that morning so I could get everything ready.

It is a rare treat for me to be in the kitchen all by myself!    I had just enough time to walk around our yard to gather some herbs, flowers and vines to make this casual, organic-y, non-arrangement.

A closeup of fresh oregano and pansies.

Can you believe I actually still have some pansies?  These are the last of them - made perfect accents to the blue hydrangea from my urns.

I'll be back with more brunch details tomorrow - I just finished up my Outdoor Entertaining Workshop tonight... ready for bed!

July 15, 2016

Favorite Summer Farmers Market Menu : Steak Kebabs, Creamy Cilantro Sweet Corn & Tomato Panzanella

My Favorite Summer Entertaining Menu

Real, local Summer produce is just getting started - real heirloom tomatoes, fresh sweet corn, berries and peaches.  I put this menu together that features all of these seasonal stars... and what we'll be making for our next get together.  We might be moving the party inside though, since this relentless heat and abundance of mosquitos don't seem to be going anywhere for a while.

I do like to move the party outside after dinner, though.  Dessert and after dinner drinks on the back porch (after the sun has gone down) still makes it feel like summer.

Everything can be made ahead of time and then cooked out on the grill - including the creamy cilantro corn.  I have been making by using the gas burner on the side of our grill, but you could also put the skillet right on the grill, too.

Blue & White Block Print Tablecloth

Sometimes I restock certain items because the sell out before I am able to keep one for myself : )  This Blue & White tablecloth is one of those items.  I neeeeded this tablecloth.  To me, this print is everything I love about entertaining - casual, classic and easy.  I will use this every single season of the year.


60" x 98"

Brown Sugar & Sesame Steak Kebabs

July 14, 2016

Robin's Egg Enamelware Favorites Restocked

Robin's Egg Enamelware Favorites Restocked

I've had several requests for a restock of a couple of these favorites. I was able to get my hands on some more of one of the most popular items this year - the Rectangle Tray with Handles. The Colander & Round Trays are also available (and on sale!). This trio makes a great set for entertaining.

July 12, 2016

Indigo Wood Block Print Napkins & Cushion Covers | Blue & White

Indigo Wood Block Print Napkins & Cushion Covers

Indigo & White Block Prints are just the kind of classic, season-less linens that I like to keep around all year long. They look crisp in summer with big bunches of hydrangea, cozy in the fall with burnt orange colors and warm neutrals and fresh in the spring and summer.
The linens are printed manually, by hand, so variations are part of their character. The quality of material and printing is superb.

Shop the Collection, here >

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