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June 19, 2013

The Winner is... Morgan!! The Shoes Make The Woman - Shoe Giveaway | J.Crew, Jack Rogers or C.Wonder

***Update : The winner is Morgan!  You can read her story below in the comments section.  Morgan - please send me an email ( and we can arrange the delivery of your new pair of shoes (or gift card)!


Lately, I've been keeping a mental (and Pinterest...) list of several new pairs of shoes I need.  Last year I bid goodbye to my trusty gold driving loafers that I had had forever... they were in rough shape and Mike finally broke it to me that they were no longer something I should wear out of the house.  Since then I've had a major hole in my casual shoe wardrobe.  I hadn't been able to find a replacement that I were reasonable enough for me to actually wear on a daily basis... until, I came across these from C. Wonder for $98.  Under $100?  Perfect.  But, I've been waffling...

Now that it is officially summer, that hole has been filled by my trusty Jack Roger Navajos...

or the staple J.Crew gold Capri flip flops

So, I keep debating... Do I really need loafers in June?  I mean, it is not that big of a deal - only $100.  At least they aren't the Tory Burch loafers I had originally had my eye on... Maybe I should wait for Fall.  

As this mental debate has waffled around my head for the past few weeks, I came across others also searching for shoes...

Every time I sit down at my computer to go ahead and make the purchase of those new driving loafers, this little note keeps flashing in my mind....  

"We especially need women's athletic shoes."

These are not ladies that need driving loafers or ballet flats to wear to drop her kids off at daycare so she can run errands, or have something new and fresh for date night, these are women that need comfortable shoes so they can work.  On their feet all day long.  So they can show up for a new job (or interview) and feel good about how they look and be comfortable - and make a life for themselves and their children.  

The long row of multiple colors of ballet flats, flip flops, running shoes, tennis shoes, uggs, house shoes, heels, loafers and boots in my closet have haunted me since I saw this note.

I don't know about you, but I'm most moved when I hear something specific - we all remember when Oprah asked her audience to donate children's pajamas to her foundation.  The thought of sweet little children that didn't have a pair of pajamas to put on at night (much less multiple outfits to wear to school the next day) moved so many mothers to help pitch in.  So many of us want to help, but to often we're not to sure how.  

So, here's the fun part.  I'm going to help you help others... then I'm going to help you, again.   Donate to one of my favorite (or your own) Women's Charities, and you're entered to win a new pair of shoes (featured above...) from ME!  You can choose from the C.Wonder Drivers, Jack Roger Navajos or a $100 gift card from J.Crew.

There are two options...

Step 1 : Purchase shoes (like above or something similar) and have them shipped directly to : 

Attn : Ladies We Respect!
6604 East 12th Street
Kansas City, MO 64126-2208

Step 2 :  Comment below and include the following:

 -Confirm that you have purchased the shoes and had them shipped!
- Share a small story about how shoes have helped you feel great at some point in your life. 
-Share which pair of shoes you want ME to buy YOU - the Jack Rogers Navajo, J.Crew $100, or C.Wonder Driving Loafers. 


Step 1 : Donate a monetary donation (of ANY amount!) to a Women's Charity : 

Step 2 :  Comment below and include the following:

-Confirm that you have made a donation (no need to share how much)!
-Share a small story about how shoes have helped you feel great at some point in your life. 
-Share which pair of shoes you want ME to buy YOU - the Jack Rogers Navajo, J.Crew $100, or C.Wonder Driving Loafers. 

*These are local KC charities, so please feel free to donate to a local charity in your area - I just wanted to make it easy if you didn't know of a local charity... after all, ladies are ladies, am I right, ladies?  

At random, I will select the winner of my gift from the comments!  I will make the announcement on the blog NEXT WEDNESDAY, June 18th!  Please check back then to claim your prize.

Please pin to help spread the word:

I'm so excited to be doing this on my blog - it is a new area for me, but something that is going to make this blog a true extension of the life I hope to lead... helping everyone make Everyday Occasions special.


PS - normal well wishing comments are also welcome, as always!


  1. Anonymous1:19 PM

    I've had my eye on those as well. What a great idea, can't wait to participate!

  2. so inspiring and terrific. really love this! been reading your blog for a while and always enjoy. but this is for sure comment-worthy. #payitforward :) -kelly

  3. jenny--i love your blog and i think this is terrific. it's easy for us to take for granted what we have. i love that you are encouraging people to give back. kate

  4. What a great idea! I saw the "win shoes" on instagram and had to pop over, but so thrilled to find so much more. I love what you are doing!

  5. Jenny- Thanks for the reminder to do something good! We often take for granted the ability to buy numerous pairs of shoes. I just sent a Paypal donation to my local women's refuge house. Before I ran my first half marathon, I bought a new pair of running shoes and trained in those shoes for months. To this day they are my favorite shoes because of the many hours I spent in those shoes and the sense of accomplishment I received from running and completing the race. Now, I've got my eye on a new pair of Jcrew sandals.

    1. Jenny9:24 PM

      Ashley - Thanks! I'm envious of all runners... I once ran a half marathon, but haven't broken stride since! : )

      Thanks again!!!


  6. Thanks you very much jenny.
    You also have written a good comment..!!!!
    Nice collection of shoes i loved it....!!!

  7. Morgan4:17 PM

    Jenny - I am such a fan of your blog! I love your decorating style!
    I am so excited to participate!
    I ordered a pair the Women's C9 running shoes and had them shipped to The Sheffield Place. What a great organization!
    I recently bought a pair of new shoes upon receiving a job promotion. Each time I wear them I feel confident and professional.
    Thank you for doing this, Jenny and for this opportunity to help someone in need!

  8. Perfect idea and concept. Very sweet of you. I am a horticulturist who works in a beautiful garden nursery, on her feet all day! Chacos are my only choice for summer. Don't enter me in the contest, as I don't have money to contribute, but did just want to say, what a lovely use of your already lovely blog.

  9. NJ Heather12:28 PM

    Hi Jenny! Your blog is always full of such wonderful ideas :) I just made a monetary donation to the Rose Brooks Shelter. I have to say I love my very first pair of Jacks. They are silver and quite worn out. I bought them for my honeymoon over 5 years ago and wore them all over Italy. I still have them and will never get rid of them bc they hold many, many memorable footsteps. I'd love a new pair for this summer in platinum, especially bc I got my (almost) 3 year old a pair of platinum Jacks and how fabulous would it be to have matching mother/daughter Jacks?!

  10. Hi Jenny. I just made a donation to the Rose Brooks Shelter. What a wonderful organization. I need a new pair of sleek flip flops for summer and have been eyeing the J. Crew! Each summer I purchase a new pair of cushy soft flip flops to slide on for our many adventures. I usually wear them out I wear them so much - so I love packing them up and thinking about the many great summer memories I've had.

  11. I really like the white mocs, they are perfect as an everyday comfortable shoe. I really like these links, especially the Navajos and the fact that there are a lot of different base colors. This is a fantastic idea to help out women’s charity, you are right about the need for practical working shoes in donation.

    My Website:

  12. Rebecca7:48 PM

    I keep reading reviews saying that the three little dot cut-outs on the heel of the Jack Rogers Navajo sandals are excruciatingly uncomfortable. Have you found that at all, or is there a break-in period?

    1. Jenny3:17 PM

      I have never had a problem... and I've had 3-4 pairs!

  13. Jenny, this is a great idea! I made a contribution to our local Women's Shelter, Vera House (N.Y.) As for the story-
    I had a beautiful pair of brown leather pumps with wood heals back when I taught kindergarten. Not only were they comfy, but I always received compliments on them. (And they were a huge splurge at the time on my beginning teacher salary!) Anyway, those shoes helped me feel confident and professional, and it's funny that I still think about them sometimes 25 years later.
    I'd love to own a pair of Jack Rogers! Have never had any.

  14. Therese12:52 PM

    Hi Jenny! I love your blog and think this is such a great idea.
    I had a pair of shoes sent to The Sheffield Place on Monday.
    Shoes are SO important for me not only because I love them but more importantly, because I have varicose veins. They run in my family and unfortunately, I was plagued with them starting at the age of 10! I'm only twenty-three and still have problems; they are not only ugly but painful! So it is necessary that I always buy comfortable shoes with good support especially for running. However, that has never stopped me from buying my favorite shoes: Jack Rogers! Even they don't provide much arch support, they also haven't given my feet or legs any painful episodes so I'm crossing my fingers that I will always be able to wear them!
    Thanks so much for your blog!

  15. Meghan G.11:28 PM

    Hi there! I simply love your blog and this giveaway is so sweet! I made a monetary donation to the Women's and Children Shelter at the Roanoke Rescue Mission (Roanoke, VA)
    Currently my favorite pair of shoes are a pair of flipflops made of yoga mats:) My dear friend sent them to me and they couldn't have come at a better time:)...I'm 8months pregnant, and the summer heat are making my feet swell...and these are the only shoes that currently fit and are comfortable. She'll never realize how a simple package sent with some flip-flops, have made my whole month:) My feet are killing me...but I just keep saying "its all worth it, its all worth it"
    I'd love to try the driving loafers:)! I have always wanted some, and think they would be great addition to a simple classic wardrobe. My "me" budget is of course going to smaller with a little one on the way, so a new pair shoes would be a treat!
    Thank you for your blog, I have loved escaping my small town and traveling to New England and watching as you renovate your home:)

  16. Awesome shoes. The designs are just simple but unique. Perfect for a gift for female friends.


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