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November 01, 2017

DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece | Roses, Mums & Broom Cob in a Pumpkin "Vase"

I love traditional Thanksgiving - everything.  Traditional colors, a traditional menu, flowers, table setting, etc.  I'm not sure if creating a floral centerpiece in a pumpkin would be traditional in the eyes of generations past, but in the Martha Stewart era of holidays, it surely seems like a classic.

It has been about 6 years since I created a floral centerpiece in a pumpkin... I am not sure if I thought it was too over done, or if I hadn't had the occasion to do it.  Or maybe I got lazy and didn't want to go to the trouble of carving out the pumpkin.  This year, I've been itching to do it.  I thought about if for Halloween, then Emma's costume took priority in the project department. 

Get all of the table setting details, here >

I started by selecting my flowers and colors - getting a feel for what the colors will look like with the table setting, in the room.

I chose these apricot roses with burnt orange and deep red mums.  I needed something that would drape downward in the arrangement, so I selected the wheat-looking stems. 

As you can see (and you might remember), we received a large collection of Spode Woodland china that I always use during the Fall and Winter holidays.  I have admired them for years and am so glad to have them - and I still LOVE them every year when I get them out.

I will use this glass vase set inside the pumpkin to make the arrangement in, so I cut the top to be sure it would fit into my opening.

I cut the opening, then scooped out the insides with an ice cream scoop.

I put the vase in with a square of oasis foam, then filled it with water.

I started by putting in the best roses, trying to achieve the shape.

And then, because flowers look best in groups of the same, I bunched 2-3 flowers next to each of those roses.  I like to use different sizes of roses in these groups to add interest - and it looks more natural.

Then, I started plugging in groupings of mums in the same fashion. 

It is starting to take shape.  At this point, I realized it was a little 'tight,' so I pulled the bottom roses out by an inch or so, so it didn't look so much like a ball of flowers on a pumpkin.

To soften the entire arrangement and to add some drape, I placed the broom cob around the collar.

Done!  You can see the groupings of flowers look more appealing than if it were homogeneously arranged - it would look polk-a-dotted!

To keep it fresh, keep it in the refrigerator (or in the garage, if your garage is really cold like mine!).

Here it is on the table!

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Hemstitch Napkins (4 for $28), Runner ($28) & Placemats (2 for $16) available in my store, here >

This tray is one of my favorite essentials.  I use it all of the time for serving drinks, appetizers or as  centerpiece.  Find the Handled Service Tray, here >

These are my favorite Fall Candles ($10.50) and are such an inexpensive way to make a table spectacular.  

A touch that we add every year to our Thanksgiving Table - "We Are Thankful For" Place cards.  10 for $5.

Here is the easy-to-pin strip!


Happy Thanksgiving Planning! 

DIY Instructions for creating the centerpiece, here. 

Last year I didn't do a proper Thanksgiving Collection.  It is easy to sort of sweep Thanksgiving in with Fall decor, or just move right on to Christmas - but I LOVE Thanksgiving.  The traditions, the pretty tables, the menu, the schedule of the day, the crisp air, the crackling morning fire, pies baking... all of it.  So this year, I will not move on to Christmas, we will fully celebrate all that is Thanksgiving.  

"We Are Thankful For" Placecards, an Everyday Occasion annual tradition.

Vintage Turkey Prints, $4-6

The New "The Plan" Planning Tablet, 25 sheet tablet, $12

I've been thinking about this concept for a while.  Finally, I've come up with this simple tablet that helps me to get organized for dinner parties, holidays - even home projects.  Here, you can see, I've listed some items to help get me organized for Thanksgiving.  I'll show more examples of how I use this soon!

Is there anything better than a "Kids' Table" at Thanksgiving?

This one set like a bit of a nature hunt + craft table.  Lots to see and touch.

Place settings don't have to be complex - just something simple and special.

Paperwhites are classic Holiday.  They bring a fresh scent and stately life to homes during the winter months.  These bulbs are extra large and a beautiful chestnut color.  They will bloom tall, white blooms.  I begin forcing them indoors in October, then they are the perfect gift for Thanksgiving and Holiday Parties.  They take about 5-7 weeks to bloom.  

I hand-stitched a little "H" on our Hemstitch Napkins.  It took about 5 minutes and gave so much charm to these simple staples.

Pies : )

Mini Leaf & Acorn Cutters easily give a classic pie a new twist.

This collection focuses quite a bit on table settings.  Really, besides making sure your home is cozy and comfortable, setting the table really is the centerpiece for the holiday.  I have created seven individual schemes based on Napkins and Table Linens I have available.  By combining a print with a velvet ribbon, coordinating candle and little sprig of this or that, each scheme is the essence season.

Left : Harvest Berry Napkins + Heirloom Pumpkin Candles + Moss Green Velvet Ribbon

Right : Green Hydrangea + Edgartown Sand Candles. + Warm Velvet Ribbon

Deep Brown Topiary Linens + Rust Candles + Rust Velvet Ribbon

Acorn Linens + Maize Candles + Brown Velvet Ribbon

Beige Topiary Print Linens + Edgartown Sand Candles + Warm Velvet Ribbon

Cream Hydrangea Print Linens + Natural Beeswax Candles + Brown Velvet Ribbons


Classic Stripe Napkins + Falmouth Grey Candles + Rust Velvet Ribbon

Fall Taper Candles

Tea Towels 

Cushion Covers

Acorn Block Print

Tablecloth & Table Runners


Acorn Tea Towels

Acorn Runner (folded in half) on the Kids Table

Green Hydrangea Tablecloth & Table Runners

Moss Green Velvet Ribbon

Plaid Wrap, $30, over the chair for warmth

Browse the entire Thanksgiving Collection, here >

For help planning your Holiday, browse all of my Thanksgiving posts, menus, centerpieces & tables, here > 


  1. Thank you, Jennifer for this beautiful centerpiece. I will try it. Your Holiday Table is lovely.

  2. This is really beautiful. I know this is an older post, but do you realize your easy-to-pin strip says "DYI" not "DIY". Just thought you might want to know.

  3. Anonymous8:30 AM

    So glad to see your setting. I have a collection of turkey plates,Including the Spode ones, that I always use during the Fall,etc. So happy to see someone else doing that too. Love your centerpiece and will try it this year.

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    1. BEAUTY BEYOND BELIEF WOW. G.R.Chiranjeevi. february 18 2014 at 2.25 PM

  5. Absolutely Gorgeous!


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