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October 18, 2012

Living Room : An Update... We're Almost There

We are finally at a point in our living room where we can actually sit and put our feet up.  We are not all the way finished, as we still have artwork and prints to hang (and decide where to put them) and I have a couple of other pieces that I'm in search of.  I'm very pleased with how it has come together - thank goodness.  After all of the thought, shopping, debating, thinking, shopping and finally purchasing, I actually like it!

You can look back at my inspiration board and original post to see what I had in mind and where I ended up :

Still to-do : 

-Hang Drapes
-Hang Artwork (waiting on a delivery I'm very excited about!)
-Find console table for entry way (for mail, keys, etc.)
-Joozsh (as Carson Kressley would say...)

As you might remember, we kept our original sofa (ordered from that is upholstered in a natural belgium linen.  We also kept this leather chair that I bought from a designer in KC 3 years ago.  The end tables are new - I love the chunky turned legs and the slightly distressed black finish.  

The two wing back chairs from Restoration Hardware work great by the fireplace as I had originally planned.  I was really worried that there wasn't going to be enough room between the entryway and the fireplace.

I love our new TV (LG 47" Smart TV).  I gave Mike the reins on it and he did an excellent job of picking out the perfect size and style so it would fit in without sticking out... and he installed it and was able to hide the wiring.  Yep, no cable box or cords in sight!

I have a couple of Fall touches peeking in here and there for some seasonal color... a Cinderella sitting by the fire.

A bunch of wheat on the mantle.  And, still loving the TV.

My order of wool blankets came last week and I'm thrilled.  I am still waiting on a couple more...  The pillow is from RH.

The new ottoman is the perfect soft centerpiece for Emma to make her way around.  I ordered it from RH in their indoor/outdoor fabric so it will hold up to stains really well.  It cost a little extra and took a little extra time, but it looks and feels just like our real belgium linen sofa.

Now we need gas logs for our fireplace!

Another little pumpkin peeking through!  

Stay tuned for more updates on the house.  We've been hard at work on the kitchen and hope to share our DIY update soon!


  1. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Love your photo's! Could you please share a close up of the crown molding?

  2. NJ Heather8:52 AM

    It's lovely! I love how clean and crisp it all looks, but I'm wondering... Where are your baby items, toys, etc? I have a toddler and struggle with concealing her "stuff" in my small home.

    1. Jenny Steffens Hobick10:06 AM

      In the photo of the close up of the end table you can see a basket to the right - Emma's toys are in there, then there is a playpin in the adjacent dining room that has more in it. We don't have a lot of big toys, as I've found that she is most content playing with and around the ottoman. I've tried to make all of my furniture and 'decor' babyproof so she can play with everything in the room. I also have a bigger basket of toys in her room that we bring down at night for her to play with.


  3. Love the room! Thanks so much for sharing all the links to what you buy. It's so helpful. Also - will you list the paint-colors you choose in your rooms. I find that so helpful as I think about my own place - thanks!

  4. As your virtual "assistant", would you please try pulling those beautiful chairs out from under the fireplace mantel? Just a smidge. Your choices are lovely and you'll enjoy them for many years to come!

    1. Jenny Steffens Hobick12:11 PM

      Barbara - I took your recommendation and I think it does look better with them scootched in just a tad. Thanks! Now I guess I'll have to take new photos : ) Isn't great what a little joozshing can do?


  5. Such a pretty, serene room. I don't have a "Mike", where is all the cable box and junk hidden and what size tv is that? Love reading your blog. M

    1. Jenny Steffens Hobick10:38 AM

      The TV is a 47" LG. There happens to be a coat closet in our entryway that is sort of behind and to the right of the chimney. So, it worked out that he drilled a hole through the wall above the mantel and then threaded the wiring to the coat closet where all of the cable box and outlets are.

      It was one of those projects that never got done in our old house and the cable wires and box drove me nuts!

  6. It looks utterly gorgeous - so clean and crisp, yet still comfortable and natural. I adore the ottoman, and I also love the side table in the corner. A great job, and looking forward to seeing the kitchen. I really admire your ability to see a job through and finish a project - alas, my home is full of 'half-dones' !

  7. Hi Jenny, Can you please tell me which paint did you use in here? This room is amazing! LOVE it!

  8. Love your living room! It seems so cozy! Restoration Hardware is on the top of my list!

  9. Your daughter is such a cutie puttie, those cheeks are made for kissing--can you tell I'm a grandma?

  10. You have done a great job! I had the same question about the cable box but I see someone beat me to it. Also, what do you mean about the gas logs? Is the fireplace already wired for gas (and missing the logs) or is there some kind of stand-alone set up that you plan to use. And why do you prefer it over the real thing?

    Just curious! We have 7 fireplaces in our 1835 house and while we use real wood in the downstairs one, I would love to have the ability to just flip a switch in my bedroom!

  11. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Would love instructions on hanging/hiding wires/cable boxes for mounting TV! Thanks!

  12. That is a lovely living room! It’s really nice to be in there during your day off and take a nap or watch TV. The room doesn’t have a lot of strong colors, which makes it even more relaxing. I like the texture of the sofa. Just by looking at it, I can feel that it’s so relaxing and soft. Man, I’d fall asleep almost instantly if I sat on something like that.

  13. This is really lovely, however can I make a suggestion on the awkward wing chair placement against the fireplace??... why do you have them slammed up against the wall? I understand room circulation and flow but I think it will help to push those chairs forward. Let those gorgeous babies breathe!!

    p.s. I really love what you have done with your kitchen. Such simple changes but wow, do they make a difference! It is so open a bright now. Bravo!

  14. Where is the rug from? I love it!!!!

  15. Love the design! Do you have any design suggests using both a leather sofa and a upholstered sofa. I'm stuck!


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