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May 14, 2012

Exploring Brimfield Antique Show in Massachusetts & My Mother's Day Picnic(s)

We had a great weekend last weekend.  We went where the wind blew us, we laid in the grass, on the beach and on the couch... perfect weekend.

Mother's Day Weekend part I   

We started the weekend on Saturday morning with a trip to Brimfield for the infamous Brimfield Antique Show more commonly known as just "Brimfield."  I'd read about the famed "Brimfield" in Martha Stewart Living, Country Living, etc... Thousands of vendors gather in fields pedaling their treasures.  Most booths are like stepping into trendy little boutiques that specialize in vintage linens, industrial salvage antiques, woodwork, illustrated books... much more than just antiques.  The vendors take their curating craft very seriously.

And we're off...

This booth of linens was my favorite.  She carried vintage linens - everything from European fine bed linens to homespun tablecloths and 1950s embroidered pillowcases.  

Stacks and stacks of linens.  I came away with a few finds...

Including this linen European Duvet with a pintuck and dot boarder... I love how modern it looks, but it is early 20th Century. 

I really wanted to find an embroidered pillowcase from which to make a dress for Emma out of but I was being too picky...  But isn't that a good idea?  Just a simple little slip dress with the bottom embroidered.

  These chenille coverlets remind me of the "Pink Room" at my Granny's house.

Paper-Source who?

This rural primitive aesthetic is right up my alley.

We almost walked away with this, but we would've had to make a trip back with my SUV to get it...  Almost.

I bought these matted book pages for Emma's room.  Mr. Darcy's favorite toy is Pooh - he is rarely without his Pooh, so I thought this would be cute for them to have.

Jade-ite everywhere... but out of my budget. 

Only in New England.

Picnic 1 of 2 for the day.

We spread our blanket out on a shady hill - Emma loved the breeze outside... but the old man snoring behind us was a little frightening.

She quickly recovered.

Smiles for Dad.
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A little ice cream and then we headed back out to brave the piles...

and piles.

At this point we started to get a little overwhelmed...

Then a peek-a-booing puppy gave us a second wind. 

Of course this caught Mike's eye.

These reminded of the botanicals we saw in Europe on our honeymoon.

Dream bed inspiration... pintrest here I come.

Blue Ball jar inspiration.

Bench envy.

Just as my captions have gotten more tired, so were we.  So, we decided to spend a relaxing evening... 


  1. Brimfield is on my list. Who knows when I'll get there. You walked away with some sweet treats for sure! Linens are always calling me name too. I have a thing for dish towels. Restraint is always the word. But it doesn't stop me from looking.

  2. I think I would have been overwhelmed too! But everything looked like shopping Heaven. Like Mike, that boat would have caught my eye...and then all the linens and silver. Oh my! What a great way to spend your first Mother's Day! I spent mine at middle child's college graduation.

  3. Thanks for sharing Brimfield with me. I've always wanted to go but being from Wisconsin it's still on my to do list. I loved hearing about your fun day and seeing all the gorgeous wares.

  4. Gosh it looks as though you had a superb day out and your first Mother's Day is one that you will never forget.
    The next time we visit New England I really hope we can co-ordinate it with a trip to Brimfield, it looks spectacular.
    Thank you for taking us with you on this lovely trip.

  5. I am always amazed at how much has survived from one generation to the next! Look at those linens, silver, wood objects. Amazing. Brimfield is the perfect showcase for it all. And lobster!! That was on our menu for Mothers Day too. Thank you for sharing your first Mothers Day.

  6. Anonymous8:29 AM

    What a beautiful day - thanks for sharing it with us!!


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