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November 18, 2011

Trip to Deerfield, Mass | New England Day Trip | My Life

A couple of weekends ago we set out on a day trip - we're trying to squeeze in a couple of more travel weekends before Baby Hobick arrives... 3 more weeks to go!  I love when we jump in the car and go exploring.  Oh- please ignore the pregnancy induced melasma on my face. 

We headed west to Deerfield, Mass.  On the way we stopped to look over this bridge - look at the amazing color of the foliage.  When we lived in Kansas City, I'd always dreamed of doing a New England fall foliage tour.  Now that we're living here out in the country, everyday seems like a foliage tour.

Deerfield is a tiny historical village in Central Massachusetts that has been preserved since its heyday in the 1600 & 1700's.  The historical area of the town consists of a wide boulevard that has a dozen (+) historical homes that are open for tours.  

Located in rural Mass, Deerfield was a farming community consisting of affluent families.  The long street is virtually the same as it was when the town sprouted up... it was one of the first 'neighborhoods' in the rural community.

This is the "Stebbins" house... wonder if there is a phonetic connection to Steffens?!  Probably a stretch, as my ancestors were German. 

Love this door!

Love how bright and blue this house is!


  1. Beautiful pictures! My husband and I just took a short trip to PA and it's gorgeous in the fall, too.

  2. Oh my word....all of those houses are AMAZING. I see a winter wonderland trip to Deerfield in my near future! :)

  3. Jenny5:26 PM

    Sarah - I think they do a lot of fun Holiday events... You should put it on your list!



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