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January 28, 2020

Puppy Love Cake using Heart Pans

When I was in elementary school, I remember my Granny having a cake decorating booklet that gave creative ideas for turning a sheet cake into something special.  After a quick internet search, I found some images from a 1956 pamphlet that look very similar to what I remember.

I can remember pouring over these pages.  Such creative solutions out of simple shapes and ingredients.

If you browse around on Pinterest, you'll find some amazing examples that are similar to this.  There is something so nostalgic about these cakes.  I love thinking of ingenious women through the ages that craft things out of nothing, just for their family's delight.  

I went down this memory lane after discovering one such inspirational example on Pinterest where a heart-shaped pan was used to create a puppy cake.  While the cake doesn't cream Valentine's Day, there is a black heart-shaped nose that nods it in that direction.

We used coloring to mimic that of Mr. Darcy, but a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting would be adorable, too.

Puppy Love Cake
Supplies & Instructions

1-2 Heart Pans
Parchment Paper
Disposable Piping Bags
Off-set Spatula
1 box cake mix, prepared (oil, eggs & water)
2 sticks of butter (1 softened, 1 melted)
2 cups of powdered sugar
food coloring (brown, black & pink)
White Melting Chocolate (for tongue)

Cake :

You will need two heart cakes.  We have 2 Heart Pans so we were able to bake both cakes at once.  If you only purchase, one you can just make the cakes in batches.

I always line my pans with Parchment Paper on the bottom and the sides.  Cakes come out perfectly every single time.

Frosting :

In a mixer with the paddle attachment, mix together softened butter with powdered sugar.  When combined, begin adding melted butter until you've reached the consistency you would like.  There is a bit of trial involved with this method - if you feel it is too thick, add more melted butter.  If you feel it is too thin, add more powdered sugar.  You are going for a tad thicker whipped cream consistency.

Tint the frosting :

Frosting Black : Eyes & Nose
Beige : Ears & Spot
Leave White : Head

Put each of the three frostings into a Disposable Piping Bag (I like the large 18" size for buttercream).

Pink Tongue

Melt the white chocolate in the microwave in a glass bowl 30 seconds at a time until melted.  Add a tiny drop of red or pink to make color.  On a sheet of Parchment Paper  shape it into a tongue shape using a piping bag or just a spoon and let it cool.  After about 5 minutes it will be set and you can add it to the cake.

Parchment Paper

When cakes have cooled, place one in the middle, upside down.  Cut the 2nd cake in half and turn it upside down for ears.  Trim the "ears" in a bit to fit around the head.

I frosted the white head first, then the ears and the spot.  The best technique is to outline the shapes, then fill in and smooth out with an offset spatula or a knife.   We added the eyes and the nose, then inserted the pink tongue. 

Such a fun and easy project that took just an hour after school.  My favorite thing to do is to teach her how to make something out of nothing with her own hands - so satisfying. 

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