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October 10, 2019

Pumpkin, Berries & Kale Centerpiece + New Acorn Block Prints

Every couple of years I get the itch to do a Pumpkin Floral Centerpiece.  I was a little lost on what to do with this table setting featuring the new Acorn Block Print Linens.  Piles of pumpkins the table like I did last year?  A cluster of candles?  A lush garland down the middle?  When I went to the flower market, I surprised myself with this combination.  I assumed I would do oranges and golds, but navy and green, too?  It wasn't until I got home with my goods that realized they perfectly coordinated with this buckskin pumpkin.  It always feels good to go down that creative path.

I included a step-by-step tutorial of how I made the arrangement below.

I always have my Table Runners, $36, made more generously than most because I like them to bring down the scale of the table itself.  Most runners seem dinky in the middle.  These 108"x20" runners really help to transform the table and have a bigger impact without being a tablecloth that can seem too dressy sometimes. 

Privet Berries tied around the Acorn Napkins with Satin Ribbon

I make an effort to set my tables in a not-too-stuffy manner.  I don't want our family/guests to feel like they are at a fancy dinner.  I want everyone to feel comfortable most of all, but also that is a special occasion - considered.

I set this table with Thanksgiving in mind, but since there aren't any turkeys anywhere, it is perfect for any fall harvest-y occasion.  

I couldn't leave the hearth room out.  

For the centerpiece I used :

Privet Berry (also referred to as Viburnum Berries, even though they are different)
Broom Corn (the wheat looking grasses)
Copperbeech Gold (copper colored leaves)
White Kale
Buckskin Pumpkin

I started with a small container that would fit down into the pumpkin after it was hollowed out.  I used tape to make a grid on top - this helps the stems stand upright instead of flopping over.

Fill the container with water.
Begin with the feature flower, which in this case is kale.  I always use odd numbers - 3 is perfect for a small arrangement.

Bunch in the berries around and inside the kale.

Add the Broom Corn around the edges, then add the leaves around the outside to create a collar.

This would be very pretty as a pale peach garden rose, too.  

Hollow out the pumpkin, and place the vase down inside.  You will likely need to go back and fill in and fluff to merge the two.  You want it to look like they are growing out of the pumpkin, verses placed on top.  

After they flew out the door when they initially launched, we just added some more sets.

Tea Towels, $12, make wonderful Hostess or Teacher Gifts.  

 I usually like to include a homemade loaf of pumpkin bread, too.  I tied this set with Cotton Twill Ribbon and put it in a Cello Bag.  Shop Packaging & Ribbons >

2019 Acorn Block Print Pillows : 22" Large, 19" Medium & Rectangle

I also added another candle to the store yesterday, "Cozy."  My candlemaker actually calls this "Vermont Autumn Leaves" so you know I love it.  It really isn't a "fall" scented candle, but more of what a truly crisp autumn day spent walking through the woods smells like.

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