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January 08, 2019

The Fresh Home Collection | Wednesday 8am Central

The Holidays seem to be so full, so decadent and so much, that on New Year's Day when the tree and garlands come down, I'm almost instantly ready to pair down to bright and airy spaces, schedules and routines.  This time of year I yearn for simple, clean, and fresh.

I also yearn for the sea - not the warmth of the sun, or the vibrant colors of the tropics - but the breezy, washed out grey and palest blue of the sea during the winter months.  There are a couple of spots that come to mind - Seaside with homes washed in pastel colors, filled with white linen and streaming light, or Cape Cod with its fierce winter weather, shadowy and grey misted, crashing ocean.  The beaches are deserted and the vast ocean dominates the view, the sounds.

In contrast, I also love the solitaire freshness of a blanket of snow, the quietness of a winter's day.  It is my favorite time to walk outside and to observe the smallest signs of life in stark whiteness.  I love to be curled up on the sofa with a soft cashmere blanket, fire and a good show.   I love winter.  Let me rephrase that, I love winter for about a month, then I'm ready for dewy grass and budding bulbs : )  I'm keeping Emma and myself entertained with an eye on spring this winter as I force more spring bulbs inside - daffodils, hyacinth and tulips.  Watching their progress is so fulfilling - each morning she checks on them with delight.

I spent a large amount of time over our holiday break cleaning out every nook and cranny.  I cleared off so many surfaces in our home.  I found that all of them had become just a bit to cluttered for no good reason other than I had something to set there.  I wiped them all clean and only put back things I truly loved.

I cleaned out our freezer, pantry and refrigerator - such a great feeling.  I've restocked myself with all fresh essentials and cleared out "this and that's" that seemed to find their way in.  I love keeping a simple, uncluttered kitchen.  It really works better that way.

This collection is a reflection of all of these things I love about winter - starting fresh, bright and airy pale blues and washed out greys, soft whites, the sea, the snow, solitude, simplified schedules, and new routines.

The Fresh Home Collection will launch tomorrow, Wednesday, January 9th at 8am Central. 



The Fresh Home Collection will launch tomorrow, Wednesday, January 9th at 8am Central. 

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