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October 08, 2018

The School House Autumn Open House + 30% Off Pillow Sale

This past weekend, we hosted our first event at The School House.  When I spotted it last year, I knew that I'd want to host events here and open it up to the public.  It is just such a special little sturdy place that feels like a step out of time - I love the feeling I get every time I walk through the doors.  It was so fun to just let others come out to our favorite spot and experience it.  

I took the photos on Friday night after we'd finished setting up - it was a beautiful night.  It was raining the next morning, of course, but it made for a cozy day inside.

What I love about The School House is that it sits on the edge of a corn field, on a gravel road, with its classically simple  and stately facade - unassuming and humble.  Inside, it is a bustling country workshop.  How wild is it that I can run an online company from my house, and it is all lovingly packaged up in this charming small town school house in the country?  

Sometimes I just can't get over it.

My best helper.

She's been so excited about welcoming everyone and entertaining their kids : )   Here, she set up the kids welcome area complete with a School House Scavenger Hunt and bowl of candy for prizes.  She was in charge.

We set the mudroom up with hanging baskets and wraps displayed.  And rain boots and a spot for umbrellas in the big old crock - because it was pouring!

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Welcome to our one room school house : )

We set up the sofa with all of the Fall Pillow Covers - Acorn Block Print, Slate Ticking Stripe, Gold Fleur.  I love how they all go so well together for mixing and matching and an eclectic, but cohesive look.

I purchased my go-to Pillow Inserts from Ikea for the Open House this weekend.  We have some leftover, so I've added them for purchase to the online store to pair with our Cushion Covers.  They are marked up slightly from what they would be at Ikea, just to cover my cost and the cost to ship them to you - Hopefully you'll find it more convenient than having to source your own inserts.  I'm open to always having them in stock if it is something you like!

We have a big Farm Table that sits right in the center of the school house - we use it for packaging up products, spreading out big projects and parties, of course.   It is the centerpiece of the room.   I wanted it to be the picture of a bountiful fall table.  

The Acorn Block Print Farm Table

I set it with the Acorn Block Print Napkins & Table Runner, then piled so many pumpkins down the center.  I reserved some Acorn Linens to use just for this table setting.  I didn't want them to sell out before I was able to set this table : )  I also a mix of Cafe & Grey Taper Candles tucked in between the pumpkins, along with sprigs of bittersweet in my little Cream & Sugars for a little polish and color.

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The pie safe was loaded with Baking Supplies and Garden Pots.  The Pots will be available later this year for the Holiday Collection... with paper whites.  

The island was set up with wrapped packages featuring my wrapping paper designs and ribbons.

To a bit of my surprise, my favorite part of the entire day was watching Emma.  I knew she was excited, but to see her enthusiasm for sharing the school house and her baking skills with the kids that were visiting, was so special.  In the past when she's helped me with in-person work events, there has been a little bit of me juggling the role of a "perfect parent" and a "perfect hostess" - not an easy task.  I think the spirit of the school house made us both relax a little - we were both just so glad to be there and share it.

We baked Cinnamon Sugar Donuts & Orange Cranberry Scones for everyone in the morning and had coffee and hot cider, then had samplings of Pumpkin Cupcakes and Braised Beef & Vegetable Soup in the afternoon.  

Emma did some halloween cupcake decorating demonstrations and then let the kids decorate their own. She really enjoys having a captive audience : )

The outhouse was part of her scavenger hunt - "Where did the girls go to the bathroom?!"

I didn't take too many photos during the day, because that's what happens when real life people are around!  My friend Kirby (15009farmhouse, who happens to live down the road) was nice enough to let me take a photo of her browsing - and I loved that she was wearing her Autumn Blanket Wrap : )

Thank you to everyone that came out to visit with us and see our little country workshop.  We loved having you.

I wish it was the weekend again already : )

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