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September 21, 2018

Autumn Harvest Collection | Warming up with Velvets & Baskets

The Season of Layers

Late tonight we are expecting rain that will bring with it 50 degree weather overnight, followed by a crisp 70 degree day.  I can't wait.  We just endured the driest summer and now I'm ready to spend our days outside again.  I can feel that we're on the cusp of change.  The light is warmer and the shadows are longer.  The yard has started to weather and become a bit wispy instead of lush and green.  It is ready for a rest.

In just a couple of days, we'll be collecting leaves and sipping hot cocoa and coffee on our walks home from school.  We'll be heading to the farm for cider donuts and pumpkins and coming home to a cozy dinner by the fire.  We're ready.  We are ready to slow down and enjoy harvest season.

In preparation, I've added another layer to our home with warm velvet pillows, big baskets, plaid throws & lots of pumpkins -  Fall is finally here.

On the sofa above, I'm featuring the Acorn Block Print, Caramel Velvet, Gold Fleur Block Print, Cashew Velvet and Slate Striped Pillow Covers.

In addition to the new pillow covers, I had a new slip made for our ottoman out of my Gold Fleur Block Print.  I had it made by an Etsy store called SlipcoverUniverse.  Pat was wonderful - I sent her a photo, measurements and the fabric.   A couple weeks later, she sent the completed cover and it was perfect.  It really lightens the entire room.  Now I'm hooked and will probably start changing the slipcover with the pillows every season : ) 

I've added several new baskets to our home this season (and to the store, of course).  I have wanted these basket for years.  They are the highest quality - truly heirloom pieces.  Timeless, utilitarian and beautiful - all of the requirements for investment pieces in our home.  
*Special order, please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.
21"L x 15"W x 14"H + 3.5"hdl

This "Mudroom Basket" is the perfect catch all for everything from magazines, to blankets or sports equipment.  

I've featured it here with my favorite accessory for Fall - for home and my wardrobe.  I use this as a throw and as a wrap.  Each year I look forward to pulling it out - that's how you know its a good one.    The colors are perfect - rust with deep green, blue and gold.  I use it all the way through the holiday season.

Plaid Blanket Wrap >

I plan to use this for our Christmas Tree, ala Tessa at  I've oogled over her tree in a basket for years.  It will hold logs, throws and pillows in our family room the rest of the year.  I love this basket - such a nice scale, patina and weight.

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