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July 17, 2018

Cocktail of the Summer | Aperol Spritz

The Spritz

This became my favorite cocktail after seeing it in the Barefoot Contessa's Cooking for Jeffery Book a couple of years ago.  It is a fresh, crisp, not too sweet, not too strong, citrusy Italian cocktail.  I feel like I have to document it on the blog because it has become a sort of legend amongst our friends this summer.

Our friends who lived in Italy for a couple of years served them at their annual Masters Party this year.  Even (especially!) the guys are going crazy for the Spritz.  Then we went to Vail with the same group of friends for a wedding - the Spritz became the official drink of the wedding.  It is the perfect drink for an afternoon cocktail and so refreshing on a hot day/evening.  Now, they've become a staple for all of us at the pool, during a round of golf and before (and after!) dinner.  We're hooked!

There is a bit of controversy amongst us on what is the best recipe.  The guys tend to like it a bit stronger (more Aperol, splash of soda), while the ladies tend to like it in 3rds.  You really can't go wrong, but I've shared my favorite tips below.

The are so simple to make at home and perfect for a party.

 The (Aperol) Spritz

1 part aperol
1 part prosecco
1 part (or splash) club soda
orange slice
lots of ice

*Olives are so essential!  They are one of my favorite parts of the drink.  It might sound odd for sort of a fruity drink, but it really isn't that fruity... Trust me - olives.

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