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June 14, 2018

Nautical Watercolor Sugar Cookies | Sailboats, Lobsters & Whales

The Nautical Copper Cookie Cutters have been staples of my store for the last four years.  This year when I pulled them out I was in the mood to do a little something different.  I've been following ElisabethandButter and love her watercolor technique.  I thought it would be the perfect artistic take on these favorite shapes.

Nautical Copper Cookie Cutters come packaged in a Cello Gift Bag with my Sugar Cookie Recipe Card  and are tied with a ribbon.  They make a wonderful gift.

It was much easier than expected - though I'm not sure mine are quite as perfect as hers, of course!  I used butter icing - because I can't not use butter icing, though I'm sure royal would create a better surface for painting.  

For the sailboat, I added a bit of blue and black gel food coloring on the plate, then wet my paintbrush and mixed them together, little by little.  I brushed on some light strokes to create dimension (maybe some wind!) on the sail.  For the lobster, I mixed red and orange gel colors, then added black details with a small brush.  It took no time at all - in fact it was much easier than mixing multiple icing colors.  I can't wait to try this method on other shapes and style.  

I tried the watercolor technique on the Boat and the Lobster.

The handmade copper cutters are so wonderful by themselves - even if you don't plan to use them.  I have them sitting on the window sill over my baking counter.  The are just beautiful.

The new Navy Blue Wellies Gift Boxes are a great way to package them as a favor or a gift.  I think the lobster would look great in there, too.

This size of cookie fits nicely in a Large Cello Bag, tied with a ribbon.  The Whale fits perfectly in a Medium Sized Cello Bag.

This is how I have decorated the cookies in the past - classic summer!  I still love them : )

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