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June 15, 2018

Cottage Inspiration | My Love for Stripes

What is it about Cottages that make us so easily swoon.  While the world is constantly telling us that more is more, bigger is better, we all go gaga over cottages.  Is it that we crave simplicity and the slowing down that surely happens inside this picket fence?  I imagine the grass is very green inside this cottage's garden gate.

So simple and lovely.  I wonder how they live without a basement full of junk they don't need? ; )  When I look at homes like these, I automatically think about the lifestyle that would go with a home like this.  I'm sure their kids don't want an iPad or LOL dolls (if you know what that is, then you are the mother of a 5-8 year old girl like me!).

These charming cottages and all of the feels I get from them have inspired my Summer Collection.  When I'm creating a new collection, I compile inspiration photos like the ones above and below, and visualize the rest of the picture.  What do I think hope the rest of home looks like?  

I also created this Pinterest Board of the collection and inspiration where you can find resources for these photos.  I've been getting back to Pinterest lately.  I find it so much more productive to look at than Instagram!  It is so inspiring on every level.   In this post, I've combined photos of exteriors and interiors that I would like to see inside of these homes and how I've designed my new products to feel the same way - all featuring simple ticking stripes.  

About ten years ago when Mike and I were decorating our first home, I remember a designer at a local home store bringing me fabric samples of toile and busy florals to "add some interest and excitement" (in her words) to my oatmeal linen and cream color palette.  I told her - "I'm not really going for "interesting" or "exciting" this is our home.  I'm going for classic, cozy and comfy."  

I still feel that way about interiors.  I really have little interest in "interesting" or designer trends.  But stripes?  I have always loved the sensibility and the charm of stripes.  They are so classically clean and smart.  

Here are some of my favorite interior stripes inspiration + cottage photos:

This photo was taken on a trip to East Hampton a couple of years ago.  The proportions are lovely.

Ok, so this one isn't so much a cottage, but still : )

This is our "cottage" aka house.  It is not on Nantucket, but it is in a darling little neighborhood that we love.  While we expanded our house three years ago (so I'm not sure it fits in the category anymore!), and we tried to make it feel as cozy and quaint as possible.  There is no sea salt misty air to silver our shakes, but the midwest humidity and relentless sun is doing the job : )

Now I'll show you how I've taken my inspiration photos and brought them into our home through my new Summer Collection.

This photo was taken just before dusk at our house.  The hydrangea are starting to fill in and the window boxes are taking off.  I love how the houses looks when lit up from inside.  It feels so warm and cozy.

Cottage Stripe Cushion Cover Collection :

22" Large Square, $46
20" Medium Square, $42
25x15" Rectangle, $38

Our Bedroom : 22" Large Square Covers, $46 on our all white bedding.  Whale Prints ($3-8) framed by the bedside.

Large-scale Cottage Stripe Table Runner mixed with Green Fleur Block Print Napkins.

The Cottage Stripe fabric is made of a medium blue center stripe surrounded by smaller grayish blue stripes.

Cottage Stripe Tea Towel (or a single napkin could be used) combined with my Blue Bicycle Stationery... oozing charm! ; )

Cottage Stripe Pillows Outdoor on our new patio furniture.

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