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May 17, 2018

The Pillow Guide | Sofa Design Boards

Since we've found our new textile manufacturing partners (Rightfully Sewn), I've been excited to expand my custom pillow options.  I'll continue to add more each season and I look forward to it being a big focus of each collection moving forward.  

I get a lot of questions about what size pillows to use and how to arrange them.  I put together three design boards based on three different color sofa that I think are pretty popular - Cream (like my hearth room), Beige/Oatmeal (like our formal living room) and Grey (which I don't have, but my sister does...).

The most important size for me is the Large 22" Squares that anchor each side of the sofa.  In my (humble, wink) opinion, a 20" squares are too small to be on a sofa by themselves.  They need the larger pillows to fill it out.  I use the 20" as accents with the 22", or use the 20" in a chair by itself.  

In the arrangement above, as seen below in real photos of our Hearth Room, I used two 22" Large Squares on each side, then a 20" Square + a Rectangle as an accent.  To simplify, you could also just do a 20" OR a Rectangle, you don't have to have both.

I use Ikea inserts for all of the Cushion Covers in my store.  So, you can invest in the inserts from Ikea (inexpensive!!) once, and then switch out covers from my store each season like I do.

Ikea 26" Insert  ($9.99) for my 22" Pillow Covers

Ikea 20" Insert ($5.99) for my 20" Pillow Covers

Ikea Rectangle 26x16" Insert ($6.99) for my Rectangle Pillow Cover

This design is based on a grey sofa.  I chose two large 22" to anchor the corners, then a Rectangle Spa Check Pillow in the center.  This arrangement is a more formal, neutral look perfect for those who have a streamlined style.

This sofa is like the one in our more formal living room.  It is an Oatmeal Linen sofa and the walls and trim are Ben Moore Carrington Beige.  It is a very warm feeling room, so adding the blues and touches of green feel country and charming for summer.  As you can see in the hearth room at the beginning of this post, the same colors look brighter and cleaner on the white/cream sofa.

Textile Swatch Collections

I've added a "Shop by Swatch" page to the online store to make it easier to see the textiles unclose and personal.  When you click on a swatch, you can see each item that is available in that print - pillow covers, tea towels, napkins and table runners.  We are also offering physical swatches of my designs.  I'll be adding those to the store next week.  They will include free shipping!

Shop by Swatch Page, here >

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