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May 24, 2018

A Year in the Life of Our Hutch

After living in our rebuilt home for two years, last summer I finally found the last piece of the puzzle for our big open kitchen, dining and hearth area.   I had a budget (that I thought was reasonable) and I was restricted by the size of the wall, so the hunt was a little harder than I had expected.  There was an option at a local antique store that I had had my eye on for 4 years.  It was the perfect size and patina, but it was too expensive (by twice as much as my budget).  As my Aunt advised - if no one else has bought it in 4 years, then it is priced too high.  Another friend thought that it seemed a little too fanciful for our home.  I wasn't so sure, but after looking around and finally finding this hutch that was perfectly in budget and exactly the size and finish that I was hoping for, now I see that the other was not the right one and this one was worth the wait.

Searching for the right furniture for a home can be a little exhausting and seem almost silly.  But we all know, that a well considered and beautiful space can be comforting and soothing for our crazy lives.  While the hutch hasn't changed our lives dramatically, it has become sort of the center of our home.  It is where Emma's artwork is displayed, where she props up found treasures, where we string holiday decorations and display seasonal accents.

This is what the wall looked like before the hutch.  It looks really obviously blank in the photo, but in person it was just sort of forgotten.  When we designed the room, I thought about having a built-in installed that would house china and flatware, but I thought that might feel a little too contrived.  Since everything was going to be brand-new, I thought a piece with a little character might warm up the space a little. 

This was the photo of the hutch on  Because I know you are wondering, and it can be helpful to know what to expect to pay when shopping for antiques, this was $2,000 + $400 freight.  I had seen other similar versions for $4,800-12,000, so as you can imagine, I'm so glad I held out for this one.  I determined that it was a forever piece.  Wherever we end up living, in whatever house, I know I would always find a spot for it.

I love the little hooks - they've been fun to use for displaying and stringing decor.

The Summer Hutch

This is our hutch right now for summer, featuring the new Green Garden Leaf Plates from my Summer Garden Collection in my online store.  I also have Classic Handled Service Trays displayed and some of the platters from my Creamware Platters Set of 6.  My Classic Cream & Sugar Set is holding some little flower sprigs.

I love the hardware on the hutch.  It seems like original brass.

Sprint Hutch

I have the same platters and trays displayed, but this time, just creamware creamers instead of the green garden plates.  I love the mix of the silvery pewter tone with the cream and white.  In the bottom cubby, we have a Match Pewter footed bowl that was a wedding gift.

Early Autumn Hutch

In early Autumn, I took some photos of the hutch style for my fall collection.  I still have my Creamware Platters, but also feature my Spode Woodland China plates to bring in a warmer feel.

As we got further into Fall, I added a pumpkin in the bottom nook, took away the cream platters and added more of the Spode Woodland Plates.

I guess I didn't take any photos of the hutch at Christmas - I remember it being covered in homemade paper "Christmas Lights" and lots of decorations Emma made : )

The Valentine's Day Hutch

For Valentine's Day, Emma made more homemade valentine's and cut out hearts just for the hutch.

Bedazzled Love Bug

Her pride and joy of the season was the pop-out valentine in the center - you can see it best from this vantage.

My favorite part of the Valentine's Day hutch is the barricaded cabinet on the left.

Does it get any better than that?!  I know furniture doesn't make a house a Home, but goodness, this hutch has really been a treat for us this year.

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