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March 21, 2018

Spring Cleaning Tablets

My Trick for Easy Spring Cleaning 

Spring Cleaning can be so daunting.  The idea of cleaning the entire house from top to bottom including the basement and the garage sounds terrible!  Do what I do instead - I pick 5 areas of the house that really bug me. These areas are places that I use every single day and usually are a magnet for clutter - really annoy me when they are out of control.

1- Kitchen Junk Drawer
2- My Closet
3- My Car
4- Makeup Drawer
5- Garage Entry/Mudroom

I tackled all of these areas in just a couple hours and everything feels better.  Do laundry while you're working on these areas and you'll really feel ahead of the game.  When you get everything fresh and clean, treat yourself to some tablets + LePens to make your new tidy areas pretty and better functioning.

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I love this stationery suite because it is rustic enough to use to label your gardening supplies, but still elegant enough to use on your Easter table.  I think it would be perfect for a springtime gift to a friend - maybe a potted plant or a favorite packet of seeds.  

 Tags : Set of 10
Tablets : 50 pages
Card & Envelop Boxed Sets : 10

What is more charming than a pair of Wellie Boots?  They are nostalgic, yet modern, seemingly child-like yet utilitarian for any adult that enjoys the outdoors, alike.  This paper collection of tags, tablets and cards will add that sweet, charming touch to a gift.  I set the kids' Easter table with a tablet at each place, ready for drawing.  I'm also using it as my official tablet for the School House.  
Tags : Set of 10
Tablets : 50 pages
Card & Envelope Boxed Sets : 10

I decided I needed a little more whimsy in my life!  I designed this set of paper products to be my "house" stationery.  If I'm bringing a hostess gift to someone, or need to write a thank you note, this is the stationery I'll use.  I'll use the tablets to make my to-lists for around the house.  I like to keep the short version in my purse with a LePen (tucked in these canvas bas!) for easy note taking and list making. 
Tags : Set of 10
Tablets : 50 pages
Card & Envelop Boxed Sets : 10

I designed this set of paper products to be my "kitchen" stationery.  If I'm baking a loaf of banana bread for a friend, or dropping off dinner for someone with a new baby, this tag will be attached + a note card tucked inside. I'll use the tablets to make my to-do lists in the kitchen. 
Tags : Set of 10
Tablets : 50 pages
Boxed Cards & Envelopes : 10

Sometimes it is just the little things that can make those daily tasks a little more fun.  Sitting down to fill out your Weekly Schedule, or make your Grocery List is much more tempting with a full supply of beautiful LePens on your desk, right?
Many of you have become fans of LePens like me.  I keep a glass full of them on my desk at all times.  For three years, I've sold four of them in a set with my Tablet, but I know many of you would love to have a big supply, too.  Now, I'm offering them in a box of 12 - perfect for getting organized as we begin a busy new season.

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