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March 26, 2018

Potted Salad Garden - It's time!

Potted Salad Garden

It is that time again : )  I'm sharing this with you now, because inevitably in a couple of weeks when I show this pot overflowing with fresh greens ready for picking, you will all say - 'I wish I would've done that!'  This photo is from last year's Lettuce Pot.  Ours will look like this in just 3 weeks.

This past weekend we planted our "Salad" Garden in one of my big pots on the gravel patio.  It is the easiest gardening idea that we repeat year after year.  Emma does all of the planting and she is always eager to go and "harvest" some lettuce, spinach or arugula for dinner.  It regenerates throughout the season - giving us no excuse not to enjoy a fresh salad every night.

We planted :

Leaf Lettuce
Baby Micro Greens

I am looking forward to planting the rest of our garden in the weeks to come.  Since we have lots of land to work with at the School House, we'll be putting in a large garden there.  At home we'll just keep the favorites - greens, herbs and tomatoes.  We'll save the cucumbers, melons, eggplants, zucchini and large tomatoes out in the country where they'll have more room to grow.

Here are a couple of my favorite spring salads I can't wait to make from our harvests.

Wilted Lettuce with Warm Bacon Dressing

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