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January 18, 2018

The Valentine's Collection | Pretty Pink Boxes, Ribbons, Floral Cakes, Velvet Pillows, Tags, Gifts

The Valentines Collection

Each year, after the rush of the Holiday season, slow, cold January settles in.  I was so ready for slow.  Now, as a quiet blanket white covers our town and in the midst of bleak winter months come big bunches of the palest pink roses, tiny hearts on pink packages tied with ribbons, cozy dinners by candlelight, and homemade chocolate treats adorned with flowers made by tiny hands.

Like last season's Holiday Collection, I focused on finding tools for you to be able to create heartfelt moments for your loves.  There are pretty boxes to fill, easy pastry projects the make, luscious ribbons, pretty linens for your table, charming tags and the softest pillows.  All for you to create a little lovely magic for your family and friends.

Shop the entire Valentine's Day Collection, here >

5 wide x 7 long x 1.25" tall, Set of 2, $10

Beautiful boxes have always been an obsession of mine.  I'm always on the hunt for rigid, high quality, pretty boxes.  This season, I designed my own.  This is a first for me - and something I hope to continue each season.  I LOVE them.  Here, I've filled them with heart shaped brownies (I made by cutting them with heart cutters found below), but they would also be nice filled with homemade chocolates, cookies or candies.  Can you imagine it filled with Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies or decorated Sugar Cookies? Of course, you could also put a little gift inside - maybe some jewelry or a handmade card.  I plan to use them for teaches, neighbors and friends.

See how lovely the gold embossing is?  I lined this one with Parchment Paper.

And filled it with Brownies : )

I will share the recipe soon.  They are the most decadent brownies ever!  Almost like straight fudge.

I used these Heart Cutters to cut them out of the pan.  Make sure you have lined the pan with Parchment before baking so they don't stick to the bottom.

Such a great gift.  I would love to hear what you plan to put in yours.

I amassed a large collection of ribbon this year for the collection.  So much ribbon.  It was all so pretty, I couldn't resist.

I've always carried this Medium size pink box (right), but this year I added a Large pink box to accommodate an 8" cake (that beautiful heart fits perfectly).

I wanted really simple, charming tags this year - a little Bike with two heart balloons, and a simple Light Pink Heart.

These are all of the new colors available in Grosgrain & Satin Ribbons.  They are all favorites.  Shop all ribbon, here >

Shop all ribbon, here >

This project is one of my favorite - ever.  Emma and I transformed my "Dripping Chocolate Cake" into a flower covered heart.  I can't tell you how easy it was.

The first essential is a set of these Flower Tips.

With just one squeeze, an entire flower comes out.  So much easier than forming a rose with a floral tip. There are 5 different designs that each make a slightly different flower.  They look so great mixed and matched, nestled in together.  

The second important tip is to make the flowers on a parchment lined baking sheet, then chill them so they are hard (only takes 10 minutes) so you can place them on the cake.  This allows you to have some mess-ups and only pick the flowers you want.

Here are the products you'll need : 

I packaged it in a Large Pink Bakery Box and tied it with a big satin bow.

Large Pink Bakery Box

Rose Satin Ribbon

Heart Tag

 What I love about this gift is that it is beautiful.  Really beautiful.  All of the tools and ingredients add up to a very small amount of money and effort, but the gift is outrageous.  So great for Valentine's Day or a birthday.

I used these flowers for inspiration for the collection.  These roses are some of the most beautiful I've seen, called Shimmer.  Did you know you can order roses by name from your florist?  Have them order an entire bunch for you and tell them you'll take them unprocessed.  This will save you a lot of money, and you get the fun of arranging.

I love how they pair with the soft, bluish grey privet berries.

I made two lush arrangements + a small one in my creamer pitcher from the 22 roses.

This is a new Scarlet & Coral Print I discovered.  It comes in a Tablecloth and Napkins.  It think it is so lovely - even more so in person.  The colors are very soft, but not too sweet.


Napkins, set of 4 for $34 >

Velvet Coral Pillows >


Cashew & Peachy Velvet Pillows >

Velvet Coral Pillows >

You are getting a small glimpse into some changes in our living room.  The old end tables are out and we have two lovely wood antiques in their place.  A new sofa is next on the wish list.  

The coral also goes great with the Army Velvet Pillows.

Don't forget, pillows aren't just for sofas.  These small velvets can cozy up any space - a bench, a chair or the bed.

 Shop the entire Valentine's Day Collection, here >

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