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November 09, 2017

The Holiday Collection | Greens, Rich Ribbon, Red Berry Prints, Velvet Pillows, Wraps & Tablets

When I gathered my holiday inspiration photos this year, I noticed a trend.  Every photo and clipping I was drawn to didn't actually have many things in the photos, but more of a feeling I got from them.  The homes in these photos seemed to be decorated with a caring, and celebratory hand with boughs of fresh greens, twinkling lights and homemade touches.  I was struck by a problem : How do I design a collection of things, when your inspiration isn't really full of things?

The answer is : Tools.  The things in this collection are the tools and supplies for you to create that magical feel in your home.  Having sumptuous ribbons at your fingertips as you create your garlands, tie up your paperwhites and wrap gifts.  Having pillows in the color of the season that easily that transforms your sofa into the perfect backdrop to compliment the twinkling tree full of family ornaments.  Adding that one luscious velvet pillow to a sparse chair that makes it feel warm, welcoming and special - dressed up for the holidays.  Adding a twinkle here and a sparkle there to create some magic in a cozy corner.  Adding a tree in your guest room, in the form of a framed vintage print or framing some handsome reindeer in your child's room or stringing some sparkling stars to delight their imagination.  Having a pile of festive tags with classically simply boxes and bags to turn homemade goodies into charming treats for your friends and neighbors.

As we know, the Holidays aren't about the things, but the joy and wonder we celebrate with our loves.  This collection celebrates that and helps you set the scene.  I've shared my collection here with my inspiration photos that I hope will also inspire you.

There is something about greens mixed with beautiful satin ribbon that gets me every time.

Acorn Bells with Warm Velvet Ribbon

Each bell is a soft green metallic that is brushed with various amount of brown to age the bells and give them dimension.  Some bells have more brown than others.
Sold Individually.
Approximately 2 x 4"
*I used hot glue to attach the bells to the velvet ribbon.  They do not come with a hanging device.
***The Acorns Bells will be restocked next week!

I love the homemade snowflakes.  The only thing that would make this more perfect, would be some bells : )

I pulled my Bells out that I've used for 3 years - you can see they've continued to age and add lots of patina.  They keep getting better.  When they arrive to your house, they will have more of a gold tone, but give them time and they will be more aged by the end of the season.

Tied with Red Velvet, above.  

This year I tied them up with a Velvet Ribbon (in rust).  I love the rustic bells mixed with the luxurious velvet ribbon.

Bayberry Candles

Bayberry Candles

I have been so excited to get these candles in stock.  I have carried these for the last 4 years for the holidays.  Only available during the holiday season (the candle company only makes one batch!) they are my favorite hostess gift to give during the holidays.
The natural scent that these candles have from the Bayberry is warm, earthy and just a bit spicy.  If you've ever visited Nantucket, the scent of the Bayberry shrubs greet you as you get off of the fairy - completely nostalgic and comforting. The candles were among the most prized candles in colonial America because of their clear, consistent light and warm scent.
The card that is enclosed with the candles tells the history of using Bayberry Candles at Christmastime :

"These tapers are handcrafted using the purest bayberry wax.  Bayberry wax is the rarest and most prized of all candle waxes, and has a warm, earthy, spicy aroma.  According to tradition, to bring good luck, you must burn a Bayberry Candle on Christmas Day.  If the flame burns bright and the light shines clear, then heaven will bless you throughout the year."

These tags just make me smile, they make my heart warm.  I often wonder about the disconnect between the actual Christmas story and Santa traditions.  Then, I see something like this.  I guess the two stories do have something in common: The impossible becomes impossible.  If the vision of reindeer flying through the sky isn't Nature singing for Joy, then I'm not sure what could be : )
Let Heaven & Nature Sing!   
Set of 10

Red Snowflake Tags

Classic Christmas Tree Tags

Oh my goodness!  I have been itching to make the for months.  I came across it on pinterest from Taste of Home and just had to know how to make it.  Isn't it just beautiful?  I am completely stunned by it.  Turns out - it is the simplest thing in the world.  Not kidding.  As in, I'm hoping to do it as a project with Emma's class soon, so simple.   It is just circles of dough, layered with filling (I used cinnamon, but raspberry jam or Nutella are also great), then cut and twisted. 

The Red Berry Collection

Moss Green (square) & Army Green Velvet (rectangle)

I love the bounty of this - and the mix of color.  The greens and browns, the shiny magnolia with the rustic pinecones.

Table Runners, Tablecloths, Napkins, Pillow Covers & Tea Towels

Rich Red & Army Velvet Pillows

Red Tea Towels

Red Print Tea Towels

Soft Neutrals are the perfect backdrop.

Back to Front : Cashew, Oatmeal & Army

Army Velvet Pillow

Ivory Super Soft Scarf, $14

Red Super Soft Scarf, $14

Wreath Tablets

My favorite Wreath Tablets in a deep green for the holidays, in a Tall and Small size.  I keep the Tall at home by my desk and in my kitchen.  The Small size is perfect for tucking in my purse, and keeping by my bedside.  Since the tablets are made with cardstock, they are also perfect for a little note.
Creamy Cardstock, 50 pages
Of course, Le Pens are the perfect accessory.

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