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November 03, 2017

All of the Warm & Cozy |Custom Velvet & Linen Backed Pillows, Satin Gold Ribbon, Throws, Velvet Ribbon, Baskets & Bells

Earlier this fall, I commissioned a local seamstress to create some custom pillows using an assortment of my block prints and plaid with linen and velvet backings.  These turned out amazing.  There are a very limited number, as they were made on a small scale with luxurious materials.  I've added them to the Thanksgiving Collection along with some new throws, restocked solid velvet pillows and glorious ribbons.

I spent the morning re-fluffing the house (taking down Halloween spiderwebs and bats!) and getting everything cozy again.  I layered velvet pillows and throws everywhere and added some touches of Holiday.  I love November.  I can't wait to open a bottle of wine tonight and light a fire under the comfort of my new throws and velvet  : )

Privet & Linen Pillows in a 14x20" size.

Pillows aren't just for sofas - I love how this size is perfect for in front of a larger pillow, or adding comfort to this windsor chair in our living room.

The Acorn Collection is backed in a rich gold velvet - it is so unbelievably soft.

Pictured with the beautiful Cashew Velvet Pillow.

Privet & Linen Pillows

These pillows are baked in a beautiful bark colored linen.

The craftsman ship and quality is superb on these special pillows.

They look great with the solid Clay Velvet Pillows.

Plaid & Camel Pillows

I designed these specifically for Mike's Office.  The bolster size are nestled in his leather chairs.  The backing is a super soft mohair-like camel fabric.  Very handsome.

The solid Velvet Pillows have been restocked, too.  They add so much softness and coziness to a room.

The new Ochre Velvet Pillows are a unique and striking accent.

 Clay Velvet with Green Hydrangea Block Print - they are a great combo, and so pretty for the holidays, too.

Camel Herringbone Throw, $68 

Chestnut Diamond Throw

A favorite of mine from last year, The Windowpane Plaid

After adding the Bells to the store again this year, I pulled my Bells out that I've used for 3 years - you can see they've continued to age and add lots of patina.  They keep getting better.  When they arrive to your house, they will have more of a gold tone, but give them time and they will be more aged by the end of the season.  

This year I tied them up with a Velvet Ribbon (in rust).  I love the rustic bells mixed with the luxurious velvet ribbon.

I tied them up with a couple of bows and hung them on a hook on the door.  

This morning, I decided to move the bittersweet outside and into the Willow Hanging Basket.

I added this new 2" Satin Gold Ribbon to make it look extra lux and seasonal.

Shop all of the new additions to the Thanksgiving Collection >

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