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September 20, 2017

My Mudroom | Organizing | New Gingham Wraps & Candles

Since school has started, I've sort of reclaimed this space as my own.  During the summer is was the dumping ground of everything.  It is still where we stash coats, shoes and bags, but I've majorly decluttered it this week.  I've also updated my inspiration boards, and re-organized my packaging supplies so I can make quick gifts.  I spent a little bit of time just fluffing it this morning and making it feel like a room that I wanted to spend some time in.  

This is my favorite fall color palette.  The medium grey with burnt orange and wood tones.

I love the light streaming in from that huge window we repurposed from our old house.

This design works so great, because you can't see my desk clutter from the kitchen : )

I use the bread boards in my kitchen, but I also keep a stack of them here for photo props - basically they make any corner in our home feel charming : )

You can read this post to see inside of these cabinets to see how I organize and use the space.

These boards change every season and help me get a visual of the collections I'm putting together.

My desk is never complete without lots of Grey LePens.

To the left of my desk, I keep my ribbon spools, and in the basket above, I keep all of my Cello Bags, Treat Bags, and boxes.  In the drawer to the right, I keep a stash of tags.  Keeping everything in this spot helps me throw together gifts easily.  

The basket goes up on the shelves above - easy to get the mess away!

The Wreath Tags have a striped back to add a little charm to gifts.

Here, my stash of tablets, le pens and tags.  The tablets make great gifts, so I often tie them up with a LePen for an easy hostess gift (with a bottle of wine).

Cello Bags (3 sizes) and Treat Bags (Kraft & Glassine)

I also keep a stash of Kraft Boxes with Krinkle.  I can always come up with a cute gift at a moments notice with all of this supplies handy.

Velvet Pillows >

We love our pegs so much.  I love them empty, and they even still look nice completely full and piled with things.

Wraps >

We repurposed the French doors in here from our old house.  It is so nice to be able to open them up wide on pretty days.

The pegs lining this room have so many uses - from jackets, to bags and wraps, they also hold cleaning supplies.  They go around the entire perimeter of the room.


  1. Is your brown china Delemere by Spode?

  2. This room is lovely - it's the perfect blend of organization and cozy :)


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