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May 04, 2017

Summer Home Dreams Collection | Blue & White, Gingham, French Soaps, Peony, Botanical Prints, Candles

When I start a collection, I always start with an inspiration photo that evokes a feeling.  This season, I took this home and thought about exactly what I envisioned the inside to be, I imagined how I hoped the family lived in this idyllic home and how they spend their time.  For some, summer is spent by the sea, but for me, my dream summer would be spent at the end of a long overgrown road, through an opening of a valley and tucked back in this spot amongst the trees.  A summer home.  It is removed from bustle, from trends, from obligation and schedules.  It is a home that looks as if it could have been built 80 years ago, or 10, and a lifestyle that feels the same.  Days spent in the yard, coffee sipped on the porch, morning baking in the kitchen, kids free to roam, late dinners with friends on the back patio and afternoon naps.

The Summer Collection inspired by this vision is now live : )   It is filled with Ginghams for breezy summer entertaining, sweet botanical prints for freshening your home, willow basket vases to give warmth, French soaps for your Mother (or teacher, or neighbor or self), blue and white everything to add tradition, peonies for whimsy (in print, soap and cupcake form), essentials for travel and restocked bottles for decluttering and simplifying for an easy summer at home.

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When I look at this photo I see big gatherings of hydrangea, wicker furniture and lanterns, and I feel easy, casual family gatherings early in the morning or late in the evening.

Navy Gingham Napkins, Runners, Tablecloths
Rattan Basket Trays, Set of 2
Classic Cream & Sugars (used as vases)
Willow Vase filled with hydrangea 

So this garden is a bit more structured than my vision for a country home garden, but the abundance speaks volumes.

The classic Navy Gingham is dress-up-able at the table with big hydrangea and an elegant dinner, and dress-down-able for  grilled burgers or shrimp boils.

Ready to carry outside for a family dinner.

I've used a napkin here to fill the Rose Pot (medium) with soaps, candles and bath salts for a great gift.

In my dream summer home, I picture timeless interiors with country antiques, slipcovered furniture, fuss-less rugs and lots of blue and white.

I love them for serving, but even better hung on a wall, like above.

Luckily, this is my very own dream kitchen : )  It feels a little country, it feels a little utilitarian, it feel comfy, and it feels warm.  It is a breeze to work in and a pleasure to live in.  

When I picture a dream kitchen, it is never cluttered.  The cabinets are not over-flowing.  They are stocked with essentials - only items used over and over.  Simple, classic tools, pans, plates and trays.

Big wicker vases filled with big bunches of hydrangea are essential for a breezy summer home - even better when they are picked from your own garden.  These were not.  I still need another month for that.

A touch of whimsy is always good for the home.

The drawer to the left of my kitchen sink is filled with piles of these towels - only these towels.  Simple.

I dream about a master bedroom with white bedding piled to the ceiling, pine chests (filled with worn, easy cotton comfies), easy florals and sweet botanical prints.  This photo makes me want to soften our own bedroom with a floral or two.

I love the simple luxury of French Bar Soaps.  They are so smooth and silk, and so richly, but sweetly perfumed.  

  • Pure Organic Shea Butter
  • Gentle and moisturizing for dry, sensitive skin
  • French milled soap for long lasting use
  • All vegetable French soap
Aromatic Composition:
  • Top: Green Leaves
  • Middle: Gardenia, Jasmine, Orange Blossom
  • Base: Cedarwood, Vanilla

New Botanical Prints :

Each season I present new Botanical Prints.  You can freshen your older ones from seasons past, or create entirely new galleries.  This season, I couldn't stop at just 6.  This collection of 12 will soon be filling an entire wall in our home... just trying to decide which wall.

In my idyllic summer home, I envision a guest room for girls with old fashioned twin beds and open windows with breezes.  The decor is simple - white bedding, pink quilts and framed peony prints.

These Peony Botanicals are from vintage book pages that look as though they were folded, and tucked into a book.  I love that.  I have added a 4x6 size for these peonies, because I think the smaller scale of these lush, frame filling blossoms would look darling in a tiny spot.

Shop the Mother's Day Collection >

This peony inspired gift evokes all of those feelings - an invitation to relax, enjoy a bath with scents of roses and peonies.  The linen guest towel is the perfect accent for the guest bath filled with these soaps.

We recently did a little pop-up shop and the pastry chef at the venue created darling flower garden cupcakes topped with multiple flowers and leaves.  I thought they were so adorable - and how perfect for Mother's Day.  I'll share the DIY step-by-step instructions in the next couple of days.  They were so, so simple to make - even Emma was turning out great looking tiny gardens.  You can do any color scheme, but I loved these coral peony and rose colors.
Products Used : 
Leaf Tip

They are so simple and easy to make.

DIY coming soon!

I love luxurious soaps.  They smell amazing, they are soft and easy on your skin, and (did I mention) they smell amazing.  I carried my all time favorite, Lychee Rose, for valentines and those of you that ordered it have also becoming addicted, too.  So, I've brought it back along with some other seasonal favorites.

I have a bath addiction.  When we were building our home, the builder recommended we cut the soaking tub to save costs - no one actually uses them, he said.   I do.  About 4 times a week.  Even before we had a nice bathroom (even when all three of us shared an old fashioned tiny bathroom!).   I see a bubble bath the same way I think of 'stopping to smell the roses'.  It is a luxury that we all (ok, most) have available to us, you just have to take a little time and effort to do it.

It might not surprise you, but I even like to be clutter free when traveling.  I don't like to make a special trip to target to find tiny bottles of brands that I don't normally use.  I want to use my own favorites, in my own bottles so wherever I'm going feels a little like home.  

They make a great gift, as they are paired with your choice of mini rose or verbena soaps, too.


My favorite accessory for travel, everyday and the perfect thing to turn basics into an outfit.  You will hardly ever catch me without a wrap around my neck, shoulders or tied onto my bag - just in case.  My favorite combo this spring has been white jeans, a T or button up and one of these wraps.  

I recently used the Weekly Planner to get organized for an upcoming trip.  I wrote the times of my flights, scheduled activities and what I planned to wear.  It helped me streamline packing... and helped me avoid over-packing.

All of the Tablets are back in stock and make great gifts.

The entire collection of Clear Bottles have also been restocked.   Shop the collection, here >

I've added a couple of new items to the Kitchen Collection, including this Spider Skimmer.  It has becoming an essential in my kitchen for scooping pasta out of boiling water, frying homemade donuts and large scale shrimp boils.

Tongs are one of the most important tools in my kitchen - not just for the grill.  I use them constantly and find myself lost if I end up in a kitchen without them :)

All of the Kitchen Essentials are also restocked!  Perfect for getting everything freshened and back in order for an easy summer at home.

Shop the entire Summer Collection >

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