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May 11, 2017

Simple Summer Picnics in Our Backyard

It probably doesn't surprise you that we are picnickers.  

We picnic for lunch in the backyard, or a park, or along a gravel road someplace.  We picnic for dinner by a random lake or pond, or in another park with a kite... or sometimes just in the car.  

Because I work from home, I often get the itch for a change of venue and just need to get out of the house!  Picnics are often my answer.  What is better than taking your shoes off, and laying on a blanket at the end of a cooped up day?

The key with picnicking (for me) is that it has to be simple.  The essence of a picnic is to be eating outside, free from the conforms of a table and doing dishes.   I have never packed a picnic that included real plates, forks, hot homemade fried chicken or anything breakable.  Those type of picnics don't sound simple to me!

Sometimes our picnics include homemade sandwiches and sometimes they include takeout BBQ or pizza.  The idea is just an easy lunch or dinner, outside... in a place not designed for eating.  It takes you out of your routine, for just an hour or two, gives you a breath of fresh air, and, truthfully, is a meal that isn't really about the food.

Yesterday, I took some photos of a little after preschool lunch we shared in the backyard.  Here, Mr. Darcy is checking out the Gingham Tablecloth that I've adopted as my new Picnic Blanket.

I packed the picnic in my Market Tote - it turns out, baskets are sort of cumbersome to carry around with you, but this canvas market tote works great.

I packed the sandwiches in my Kraft paper bags, and sides in my small Kitchen Containers.

All of these items are part of my Kitchen Essentials Collection - things that I use over and over, in all sorts of different ways.  In these posts, I try to show you different ways you can use the essentials to make life simpler.  I love having a small number of items in my kitchen that can be used for everything I need to do.

The Picnic Menu :
recipe links coming soon!

Turkey, Avocado & Cream Cheese Sandwiches
Chicken Salad Sandwiches
Chicken Salad + Crackers (for Emma)
Citrus Orzo Salad
Berry Waters

Short Wreath Tablet + Le Pens for list and menu making.

This was a favorite sandwich of mine from a restaurant (ok bar...) in college.  They called it the TAC. Turkey, Avocado and Cream Cheese.  Simple and so good.  Mike has been known to add bacon...

 You can buy or make Chicken Salad.  Emma LOVES chicken salad, so I usually make a batch most weeks for our lunches.  

Our recipe is simple - roasted chicken, celery, red grapes, red onions and mayo.

I love orzo pasta salads.  This recipe has lemon and orange zest, golden rasins, green onions, slivered almonds and parsley.

Products Used :

Market Totes
Gingham Linens
Kraft Bags
Plastic Kitchen Containers
Clear Plastic Cups

Stay tuned for the sandwich recipes tomorrow.  


  1. We live near the lake, so most summer nights we head to the beach to cool off before bed. Often I don't feel like cooking so this is a perfect solution! Something simple to bring and enjoy there.

  2. Jenny, your backyard looks so lovely and tranquil! I would love to see a blog post giving us a tour of what you have planted back there. I get so overwhelmed with the selection at the garden centers, that I just don't know where/how to start.

  3. Jenny, your yard looks so lovely and tranquil! I would love to read a blog post with a tour of all you have planted back there!

  4. Just found your blog today - LOVE it!!!! Keep up the great work. I look forward to more posts!



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