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May 09, 2017

Bottles Are All Restocked! + New Travel Bottle Set

All Bottles Are Restocked + New Travel Bottle Set

I always see travel as an opportunity to pare down to essentials - I only pack my favorite clothes, and I clean out my purse to only my favorite lip gloss, sunglasses, my phone and wallet.  It feels lighter to travel this way, with only things you love and only essentials, leaving at home the over-stuffed closet and untidy drawers.

Since I am a tidy packer, I only carry-on.  I hate dealing with long baggage lines and any extra time spent at the airport is the worst.  So, clearly, a set of clear matching travel bottles was a natural extension of my Clear Bottles Collection.

They come with 4 bottles + 2 jars and your choice of travel sized soap : Verbena or Lychee Rose.

I recently went on a girls trip and brought my travel size lychee rose.  When my roommate got out of the shower she said what is that amazing soap?!?!

All of the Bottles in my Clear Bottles Collection have been restocked.

The Shower Bottles are some of our most popular and my personal favorite - really, they are the reason I started this idea.  I hate displaying branded, brightly colored bottles in my pretty bathroom : )

I've recently spiffed up my laundry room, I'll share the results soon.

I've also restocked some of my favorite home essentials that go along with simplifying your home : 

Shop all of the Kitchen Essentials, here >


  1. I received my kitchen collection in the mail yesterday and I'm already loving the new look! Do you have any soaps you recommend? I love the clear looking soaps on your counters, so fresh and clean!

  2. I know you have marble counters in part of your kitchen. Do you use a spray on those? I have these in my cart and was curious about that!


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