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April 01, 2017

Spring Home | Downstairs Tour in Morning Light

Good morning and happy April, friends : )   I'm sharing some photos taken in the morning light this morning.  Lighting is such a large part of how a space feels.  For blog photos, I tend to opt for bright, sunny photos taken in natural light.  But sometimes, that misses the mood.  It misses the quiet coziness that is captured at different times of the day.  

I love how our home feels in the morning.  I'm usually the first one downstairs.  I start by turning the lanterns on a dim setting, and the cabinetry lighting.  Then I switch on a lamp in the living room and open the back door.  

The hyacinth are spoiling us by perfuming the entire room.

This morning, I'm debating... cranberry orange scones, or a savory bacon cheddar and chive?

Branches blooming on the new dresser that hasn't made it upstairs and is starting to feel quite comfy where it is.  A simple centerpiece of a single daffodil and candlesticks.

The new windows have made a world of difference in this room.  The old shutters are back on and all of a sudden this room is feeling all sorts of charming.

To show you the difference, here are some photos I took in the afternoon light.  Bright and full of whites.  Lovely, but not quite the same warmth and cozy feeling.

What do you think?  Do you like the bright white?  Or the warm and cozy?


  1. Simply stunning. I am definitely a fan of warm, but I did go with bright white when renovating our kitchen this year. That has increased the light so much in that room, but the wood furniture adds warmth to it. I love the pictures you share of your house. So elegant, but also natural. Have a great week, Jenny.

  2. Both of them are beautiful but the warmth of the morning is a wonderful way to start a day.


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