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March 27, 2017

This Week's Menu | Spring Rains at Our Home | A Look at the Backyard

This morning we are being treated with some much needed spring showers.  Last week I cleaned out all of our flower beds and put down fresh mulch.  It was 80 degrees and much too hot for this time of year and the ground was so dry.  I'm so thankful that we're now back to cooler spring days with rain pitter pattering outside this morning.

Last week I also replanted the window boxes we made last year with boxwoods and spring flowers (DIY post from last year).  The boxwoods from last year didn't make it through the winter.   I know I should've put them in the ground in the late fall, but they looked so nice in the boxes through the winter... I'm up in the air what I will do this fall/winter.  Maybe bring them in?  Any tips are welcome.

We planted the boxwoods and filled in with pansies and potted hyacinth bulbs.  This morning, the windows are open and the scent of the hyacinth is filling our house as it rains.  We recently replaced our front picture window to match the other double hung windows throughout the house.  I'm so glad we can actually open the windows and enjoy the flowers and fresh air.

The boxes are under the windows in Mike's office, too.  Such a different look from the wood paneled office than in our painted living room.

Emma's cherry tree is in full bloom.

I'm still promising to post the plans for the playhouse we built soon.  Promise : )

I'd like to spiff up the garden boxes with some trim pieces on top that will look a little more polished, and also make it easier to sit on while gardening.  We're working on getting the grass filled in - this cool wet weather is going to do wonders.


Our week's menu will reflect the cooler wet spring weather with favorites that have bright flavors, but a bit of comfort, too.  Since it will be raining most of the week, we'll stay away from the grill, but still incorporating some lighter, fresher recipes.

My favorite way to start the week is to sit down with my Dinner Planner & Market List Tablets.  I am always reminded of something we haven't had in a while or something that I completely for got about.

Market Totes make trips to the grocery store feel a little more fun and organized feeling.

We usually make dessert on Sunday night, but ran out of time last night.  So, I'm deciding what to make today.  This Lemon Layer Cake is high on the list...

A sauce can elevate a steak to the next level - and they are so easy to make.  This is an easy prep dinner that takes about 20 minutes to make.  Perfect for a Tuesday.

Mushroom Ragu Baked Pasta

This is a new recipe I'll share later this week.  It is made in a food processor - onion, carrots, and mushrooms pulverized, then sautéed with olive oil, garlic and tomato paste.  The result is a hearty, pasta, topped with a bunch of cheese : )

Happy Monday, Friends : )


  1. I love your dinner tablets. Such a great idea. And your playhouse... so cute!

  2. Hi Jenny, will you be still posting the Ragu recipe this week? It sounds delicious and I am definitely in a Friday Lentern rut with meals!


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