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Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Spring Pillow Sale | Pillows Around Our Home

The Spring Pillow Sale

The Pillow Sale continues with up to 20% off all pillows covers including the new Block Print Collection.

We get a lot of questions about what inserts to pair with the covers in our store.  To make life a little easier, I've recently added Down Inserts, $14 that fit the Rectangle Covers perfectly.  You can also use the 16x26" down inserts easily found at IKEA, Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel.

For the 22" Square Pillows, I buy the 24" Square Inserts at IKEA (a tip borrowed from Tessa).  They are so inexpensive (maybe $8-9?), and the slightly larger size makes the cushions so full and plump.

Shop all of the Pillow Covers, here >

Below, I've included a couple examples of how I'm using them in my home this season.

The Navy Privet Berry Print is going to be a staple for me all year long.  Navy is really the only color that I use all year long - I see it almost as a neutral.  

I'm also using it in our bedroom, as I walked you through yesterday in my post about fluffing up bedrooms for Spring.

So... I know I just shared the photos of the guest room yesterday fluffed up with the Light Blue Leaf Pillows that were designed just for that room.  Then, I was ironing some Lily pillows in the guest room... and noticed how great the green print looked with the light blue walls, and the Botanical Prints.  So, for fun, I thought I'd leave the Lily Print in the blue room just for a little bit - perfect for spring.  When you have unlimited access to an unlimited amount of pillow covers, the rearrange game happens a lot : )

Seeing the Lily under the Lily of the Valley Botanical Print sealed the deal.

I took this photo early this morning and the lighting is not great, but you get the idea : )

The Living Room is a combo of Light Blue Leaf + Green Lily.

 The Light Green Leaf is so fun and fresh for Spring.  It is perfect for a little pop of color in any space.  As they say, green is nature's neutral.

I'm using the Light Blue Leaf as an accent in almost every room.  It looks great with both the Navy and the Greens.

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