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March 31, 2017


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March 30, 2017

The Spring Pillow Sale | Pillows Around Our Home

The Spring Pillow Sale

The Pillow Sale continues with up to 20% off all pillows covers including the new Block Print Collection.

We get a lot of questions about what inserts to pair with the covers in our store.  To make life a little easier, I've recently added Down Inserts, $14 that fit the Rectangle Covers perfectly.  You can also use the 16x26" down inserts easily found at IKEA, Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel.

For the 22" Square Pillows, I buy the 24" Square Inserts at IKEA (a tip borrowed from Tessa).  They are so inexpensive (maybe $8-9?), and the slightly larger size makes the cushions so full and plump.

Shop all of the Pillow Covers, here >

Below, I've included a couple examples of how I'm using them in my home this season.

The Navy Privet Berry Print is going to be a staple for me all year long.  Navy is really the only color that I use all year long - I see it almost as a neutral.  

I'm also using it in our bedroom, as I walked you through yesterday in my post about fluffing up bedrooms for Spring.

So... I know I just shared the photos of the guest room yesterday fluffed up with the Light Blue Leaf Pillows that were designed just for that room.  Then, I was ironing some Lily pillows in the guest room... and noticed how great the green print looked with the light blue walls, and the Botanical Prints.  So, for fun, I thought I'd leave the Lily Print in the blue room just for a little bit - perfect for spring.  When you have unlimited access to an unlimited amount of pillow covers, the rearrange game happens a lot : )

Seeing the Lily under the Lily of the Valley Botanical Print sealed the deal.

I took this photo early this morning and the lighting is not great, but you get the idea : )

The Living Room is a combo of Light Blue Leaf + Green Lily.

 The Light Green Leaf is so fun and fresh for Spring.  It is perfect for a little pop of color in any space.  As they say, green is nature's neutral.

I'm using the Light Blue Leaf as an accent in almost every room.  It looks great with both the Navy and the Greens.

March 29, 2017

Our Guest Room | Tour

Since I've posted this tour, we've updated the guest room a bit.  The original post follows below.

New Photos : 

I swapped the original botanicals for these new full sizes prints.  Love how they turned out!  These are the my favorite 11x14" gold leaf frames, but the 8x10" frames and prints would give a similar look in a smaller space.

The Green Fleur Block Print Pillows are a wonderful compliment to our "blue room."  It is such a soft green that it feels almost like a neutral.

It can be fun to see how rooms evolve with little changes over time, so I've kept this original post and keep adding to it as we make small changes.

Original (revised!) :

Remember a couple of months ago when I gave you a tour of our Guest Room?  Well, it is different now.  Not completely different, but I've made some improvements.

Paint : Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments, Satin on Trim, Flat on Walls

These Baskets from the Bunny Williams collection at Ballard Designs have been haunting me since I saw them in Tessa's office.  I wanted to add some charm to this bedroom and give it more of a country in feel.

So, I added some scallops : )   How could I pass up the "Emma" Scallop bedskirt and duvet, too?  I also purchased the shams, but they are in my bedroom.

I replaced the very dark, mission style hand-me-down dresser with this pine chest.  I found this at Everything But The House.  It was my first time bidding and I am so pleased with it.  I paid more for the shipping than the actual piece, but it was still more affordable than anything I could find locally.

I also brought in this artichoke lamp I purchased from Barbara Cosgrove lamps a few years ago.  I love how the green looks with the blue room.  It is one of a pair... I just need to superglue it's mate back together.

Gold Frames, here >

The Original Post : 

Today, I'm taking you on a little tour of our Guest Room.  I've given little looks in the past, but some of you reminded me that I haven't taken you through the entire room.  I hadn't completed the room until this week (after living here for 2 years).  I had been waiting on the new Light Blue Leaf Bock Print Pillows that were designed specifically for this room.*

*Today is the beginning of the Pillow Sale in the store.  The sale will last Today thru Friday.  Shop all Pillows, here >

I should just start with, I LOVE this room.  This is one of my favorite spaces in our entire home.  In fact, I might be known to retreat to this room to do some work (or take a nap!) when all of the other rooms in our home are not as tidy : ).  

It is my favorite shade of blue - everything, the walls, the trim, the doors, all tone-on-tone light blue.  I think the blue works so well because the bedding and upholstery is all cream, light oatmeal linen or white.  

Here is the formula for this room : 

Light Blue : Walls, Accent Block Print Pillows
White/Cream : Botanicals/Mats, Upholstered Chair, Upholstered Headboard, Bedding
Oatmeal Linen : Shams, Roman Shades, Upholstered Bench
Gold : Botanical Frames, Frames on Dresser, Dresser Pulls, Framed Painting

Paint : Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments, Satin on Trim, Flat on Walls

The Botanicals were the first things I added for this room two years ago, since this is the view that I see from the hallway on the way to our room.   These are the 14x11" frames with 8x10 prints.  I love them so much and they make me happy every time I walk by this room.


I think the tone-on-tone paint works so well in this room because of the charming dormers and painted wood windows.  The way that the paint subtly highlights the millwork is my idea of elegance.

The Light Blue Leaf Block Pillows are everything I hoped they would be for this room.

I've recently added the Rectangle Down Inserts $14 that perfectly fit the Rectangle Block Print Pillows.

Over the bed, I added a painting I created last week while on "spring break" at my parents' house with Emma, my sister and her kiddos.  The girls and I sat under the big tree in the back and painted.  I painted the view out to the barn and field beyond.  You can see the view and the painting together, here when I shared it on Instagram.

I'm not sure this is the right frame - I used one I already had.  I think it needs to be a little bit less chunky, and maybe with a mat added.  What do you think?

I used my favorite roman shades in this room - the same as Emma's room.

They are from Home Depot in the Oxford Jute linen and about $125 each.  We have them in almost every room in our house.  I love how the natural linen color looks with the light blue.  Find them here >

As you can see, I repeated the natural linen color on the pillows, too.  I always use an element 2-3 times in each room to help the room feel cohesive.

The natural linen is also repeated in the bench under the botanicals.  

Since most of the guests in this room are from my family, I keep photos of them here - these from my brother's wedding this summer, complete with the flower crowns the girls were wearing in the photo as bridesmaids.  The painting is one I did when we were on vacation in Seaside 4 years ago, and the sketch is a page from an old copy of Winnie the Pooh.  The pitcher with hydrangeas is from Farmhouse Pottery in Vermont.

Mr. Darcy's favorite friend is his Pooh bear, so this sketch reminded me of him and Emma... even though I bought it when she was a baby at the Brimfield Antique Festival in Mass.

The Guest Bathroom was squeezed in in what was formerly the closet in our old master bedroom.

This room still needs a little fluffing before our Easter guests arrive.  I usually put Emma in charge of fluffing the guest bathroom - she will select multiple (like 6-7) tiny soaps and little flowers... and other various trinkets she thinks they might need.  She also loves a chocolate on the pillow for her guests.

Moving into our room for a little spring fluffing.  The last time I shared this room was in the Fall (see full tour here including bathroom).  It had more of a muted feel with greens and browns, since I used the Acorn Block Print Pillow.  I've freshened it up for Spring with the Privet Berry Blue Block Print Rectangle Pillow.

I love this little small print, especially in classic navy.

 I added some fresh hyacinth and blooming cherry branches.

I put the cherry branches in a Small Watering Pitcher ($14), which brings a little charm and casual character to the bedside (or wherever it is).

I've swapped out some photos for these 5x7" botanicals framed in 8x10" gold leaf frames.

I picked the Blue Berry Print to coordinate with the navy berry pillows. 

The bathroom doesn't change much from season to season (thankfully!).

I have filled all of our Shower Bottles as part of my spring cleaning tasks.

I found a new favorite Body Wash that I have here.  I've always been obsessed with the L'Occitane  Lemon Verbena Body Wash, but at $20 a bottle, I only indulged occasionally.  I recently found a "Raw Sugar" Lemon body wash at Target for about $6!  It is every bit of delicious smelling.  Also, a lemon scent is a scent that Mike and I can share.  The pink shampoo, he just has to deal with : )

Happy Spring, Friends!

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