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Friday, February 17, 2017

The Spring Clean Collection | Fresh Spring Wraps, Pitchers, Clear Bottles, Tablets + LePens, Market Totes

As I sit here this morning with the back door wide open, it feels like spring is already officially here. Yesterday's warm afternoon sun made me itch for cleaner, fresher everything. As always, I yearn for simplifying and adding more open space to our home and our routine. I'm ready for afternoons in the backyard, long walks and fresh dinners. I want clean tabletops and cupboards, and freshened, clutter free spaces with essentials only. Essentials including big pitchers of blooming branches and blooms, of course.

Spring Wraps, $16

Market Totes, Set of 3, $15

Why is it so hard to find simple things?  Every market bag I see is cluttered with too many logos, colors, "funny" sayings and brands.  I'm keeping a set of these in my car for groceries, but I've also found that they are useful for so many things - transporting food for a party, toting Emma's things in the car, dropping off a meal for a new mom, and a handy place to stash things (like gloves, hats, socks...?) when hanging on a mudroom peg.
The perfect accessory is the Market Tablet to keep your list in order. 
Set of 3

Dusty Blue Tablecloth

My favorite seasonless linen.  I love this with big bunches of white flowers, or pale yellows.  This size is almost like a runner, it helps to make our big table more cozy.

Flowering White Quince Branches are one of my favorite.

My favorite Wreath Tablets in my favorite Pshades.  The new tablets come in a Tall and Small size.  I keep the Tall at home by my desk and in my kitchen.  The Small size is perfect for tucking in my purse, and keeping by my bedside.  Since the tablets are made with cardstock, they are also perfect for a little note.
Creamy Cardstock, 50 pages
Of course, Le Pens are the perfect accessory.

The Gold Leaf Frames ($8-14), Natural Mats & Botanical Prints have been restocked.

Shop all Botanical Prints, here.

The entire collection of Clear Bottles have also been restocked.   Shop the collection, here >

All of the Kitchen Essentials are also restocked!  Perfect for getting everything freshened and back in order for spring.   Shop Kitchen Essentials, here >

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