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January 19, 2017

Sparkly Star Cupcake | Easy Valentine's Day Treat + Easy Cupcake Tips

Homemade Gift Giving

When I started this store, the concept was to make giving homemade beautiful gifts easier and accessible.  I know that when it is time to think about what Valentine's Day treats (usually the day before...) we will take to school or to a party, the less errands to run the better.  We don't have time to go to Michaels for the right cupcake papers, Hobby Lobby for the boxes plus Target for some cute cards.  It is my goal every season to bring you darling ideas that are easy and allow you to experience giving gifts at a new level - the world of "homemade."

I know it is not typical to expect friends or neighbors to give Valentine's gifts to each other - but all the more reason to.  Maybe you've always hoped you would have time to plan for and give thoughtful gifs for small holidays or just because.  The trick is not to have more time, but to be able to make beautiful things in less time - so you are more likely to actually accomplish it.

I love this assortment!  The stripes, the pink, the coral, the gold - all so cute.  Notice, they are not covered in hearts, so they an be used for any occasion - especially darling for girly birthday parties paired with Pink Celebration Candles.

This box of cupcakes is the perfect example.  Sure to receive ohs-and-ahs from your recipients, a pink box full of Sparkly Star Cupcakes is such a sweet gift.

The only thing you need to supply is the cake mix and some frosting.  Yes, I said cake mix.  I always use mixes for cupcakes - they just tend to turn out better.  I will share a post tomorrow with my secret to doctoring up a cake mix.  (update : Here is the post with My Secrets for The Best Cupcakes from a Cake Mix)

With just one mix, you can create 24 cupcakes and you will have 6 of these pink boxes full of cupcakes to give.  In our house, we send 1 to school, 2-3 to drop at a friends or neighbor, 1 to work with Mike and one to keep.  Lots of Valentine's joy delivered from a simple project.

I love the color of this bakery box - it is not too soft, not too bright.  They are now on sale 10 for $6 (instead of $8).

Heart Tags, 10 for $4

Pink Bakery Boxes, 10 for $6 (on sale, from $8)

Ok, so what if you are not into baking at all - maybe you just like wrapping and packaging?!  A box filled with bakery donuts or brownies is just as great, especially when you dress it up in your own way.

Supplies :

Heart Tags, 10 for $4

Sparkly Star Cupcake Kit, 48 papers + 24 stars, $14

Pink & Red Cupcake Wrapper Kit, 48 for $5.50

Pink Bakery Boxes, 10 for $6 (on sale, from $8)

The trick to getting the perfect swirl is to use a disposable pastry bag (Disposable Pastry Bag, 100 for $14).  I just snip off the end - no tip needed - to get the smooth swirls.

Here is a link to my favorite frosting recipe for cupcakes and my Secrets for The Best Cupcakes from a Cake Mix.

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  1. Kathy1:32 PM

    The post that lead to this link indicated that the recipe would be here, but it is not. I'm eager to see how your tips may differ from those I have adapted from several existing sites!


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