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December 10, 2016

Inspiration Boards for Holiday Table Settings + Linens 30% Off

Today, I thought I'd show you how I'm incorporating the Wreath Block Print linens into our Holiday decor.  While they are not so "obviously" holiday in a Red or Green, they work beautifully with natural elements to create festive settings.  And because they are not Red or Green, they will transition your home any season of the year and can be used in January without feeling tired.  When I designed this block print collection, I really wanted them to be staples in your home all year long and to show you how to use them with different colors to make them feel perfectly seasonal.  I think that is really what makes a great essential for your home.  In just a couple of months (or weeks...), I can show you how to take this same linen setup and make it feel perfect for valentine's day with blush and coral roses, then bunches of daffodils for the spring.

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Above: Here is the beginning of the table setting for Mike's birthday.  I always talk about how I like to keep a "living" centerpiece on our table at most times - something that doesn't die and something that will look great for a couple of weeks.  Sometimes it is a bowl of oranges, sometimes it is potted herbs or paperwhites.  This time, it is fresh greens (magnolia and cedar) that I put in water tubes (thanks to the idea from Tessa, nineandsixteen).  The water tubes not only help to keep the greens fresh, but they help form the greens into bundles that I arranged down the table (step-by-step and more setting details to come).

Speaking of Tessa, she recently messaged me about trying to hunt down a taper candle color from an inspiration photo that was brownish, but not too dark, with undertones of richness, but not too red.  It turns out that my candle maker (creative candles) had recently added a new color, Chestnut, that was a perfect fit.  Since Tessa has such great taste and every time she recommends one of my products it quickly become a best seller, I went ahead and ordered Chestnut for the store (in limited quantity), too.  It comes in two heights, traditional 12" and Tessa's favorite 18".   I have it featured in the design board below, along with my seasonal favorite neutral, Lexington Wheat, that I used in the table above.

So, with new candle colors available, and linens on sale, it is a great day for you to get everything you need for your holiday table, right : )

I created this board from what is happening in our home right now.  Emma and I have had a lot of fun creating homemade touches and adding natural flourishes here and there.  This palette feel so cozy and seasonal for me, even though it is not brimming with reds.  It is more natural and neutral feeling and perfect for transitioning from Mike's birthday to Christmas.   I love the suede like brown on the magnolia leaves with the deep green and soft slate color.  It inspired the gift wrap for Mike's presents and his breakfast in bed tray (below).

Slate Wreath Runner   |  Slate Wreath Towel  |  Slate Wreath Napkins  |  Christmas Star Bread  | Boxed Gift Cards  |  Wheat Candles  |  Chestnut Candles 

I just love how the brown transferware looks with the slate wreath print.  It feels a little collected and a little layered and modern at the same time.  As you can see, I found another use for those horizontal print tea towels ; )

This is board reflects more of how the kitchen side of our home feels like.  It is more fresh, but still cozy and seasonal with lots of wreaths and fresh greens.  I love this neutral palette of creams, beige and browns that is freshened up with cedar.   I put my paperwhites in a big brown & white transferware bowl this year and I love how it looks... now just hoping they sprout up and bloom in the next couple of weeks.  Emma and I created the simple pinecone garland by stringing them on a velvet ribbon.  The velvet sort of gripped the pinecones to help them stick - we literally just stuck the ribbon between the little wooden petals of the pinecone and they stayed.  I think it looks so charming.

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