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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Holiday Collection Preview | Thanksgiving & Christmas | Launch Thursday!

And so it goes, now that Halloween is over, we are onto Thanksgiving.  While I do relish in the fun and playfulness that is Halloween, my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.  Today, I'm taking down bats and clearing out spiderwebs, and re-Fallizing the house in preparation for the Thanksgiving and Holiday products photoshoot tomorrow.

Both the Thanksgiving & Holiday Collections will be launched together on Thursday morning at 7am (eastern).

With Thanksgiving and Christmas so close together, it is hard to give each holiday its fair due.  I love Thanksgiving, I can't skip it and just move on to Christmas after Halloween.  Increasingly, I find myself looking for Holiday decorations that seem appropriate for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  When I look back to my favorite classic images of Christmas homes, tables and trees, I always find myself gravitated toward those that are filled with big, over abundant fresh greenery, warm gold tones, rich velvet and satin ribbons, natural elements of acorns and pinecones, pewter bowls of citrus fruits and nuts, tall glowing taper candles and kraft paper packages, all settled into worn wood antiques, neutral upholstery and accents.  The new collection will include all of these things, and little treasures and ideas for stocking stuffers and creative hostess gifts.

Acorn Thanksgiving Inspiration

So many of you invested in my Wood Block Linen Collection last season so I thought it would be wonderful to show you how to add to those linens and pillows and renew them for the Holidays with the addition of festive, rich tones and textures.  I hope this will help you gracefully transition your home from Thanksgiving to Christmas without feeling like either holiday didn't get its fair turn.  So, instead of just doing an entire collection of red things and calling it the "Holiday Collection," we'll bring in brass bells, gold ribbon, fresh greenery and classic hooked pillows to the staples you already own and transform your home for Christmas.

Here is a Thanksgiving board that I love inspired by the Acorn Block print.  Below, I've added some Holiday touches, showing you how just a couple of items can change the same look into a festive Christmas home.

Here is one example of how the Acorn Print can be used for Thanksgiving, then reinvented for Christmas with a few special touches in the same color scheme.

I'll share some more inspiration boards and tips for using small touches to make your home festive this Holiday season.  And... I'll see you "in the store" Thursday morning : )

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