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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Easy Hostess Gift Ideas for the Holidays

This time of year is the official season of Hostess Gifts... I mean Holiday Entertaining, which means Hostess Gifts.  While I am a big fan of giving and receiving a bottle of wine, I also like to include something extra - maybe something for breakfast or a little gifty.  

Unbaked Scones Hostess Gift

These Ready-to-Bake-Scones + Glaze is one of my favorites to give.  It is a batch of unbaked scones that are ready to go in the oven in the morning (and I include the sheet of parchment paper for the baking sheet as a liner inside the box), then drizzled with glaze.  After a night of entertaining this is a dream for a Hostess.  You could bake them ahead of time, but they are so much better fresh from the oven.

Here is a recipe gallery with all of my Scones Recipes.  These are our favorite, Cranberry Orange (with fresh cranberries).   If you have never ventured into the scone world - you should as soon as possible.  Mine are like a slightly sweet biscuit, with yummy ingredients and usually a glaze... and they take about 10 minutes to make +15 minutes to bake. 

Banana (or Pumpkin) Bread

I'll share a post with details for how to put these together.

Candles + Wine are entertaining essentials that everyone needs and are always welcome.

I always keep a couple of boxed tapers in my drawer for last minute hostess gifts.  Just put a bow on it and you're set.  I've also included a Tea Towel with this set of candles.

My Tablets + LePens come packaged in a Cello Bag and sticker, so they are already ready for giving.

My collection of Copper Cookie Cutters also come ready for giving in a Large Cello Bag + A Recipe Card.

Here are some ideas that I'm looking forward to re-creating : 

I love this packaging.  You can use my Tin Tie Bags to re-create this look for cookies or snack mix... or anything you want to put in the bags.

I'm so obsessed with this - Can. Not. Wait. to make this.  Looks like my Unbleached Parchment will be an essential part ; )  It would fit perfectly in a Large Cookie Box as a gift - and what a showstopper!  

Love this!  You could make the bread and jam from scratch... or you could buy all of these things and tie them together with a ribbon.  Either way, such a great gift.

Isn't this cute?  These scones are packed in my Baking Baskets and wrapped with tissue (or parchment?).  

Another example of a darling way to package the Baking Baskets with Parchment and string.

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