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Monday, September 12, 2016

This Week's Menu | Autumn Kale Salad, Mushroom Burrata Crostini, Beef Drip Sandwiches & Truffle Fries

What's For Dinner This Week

This weekend was one of the first crisp weekend that really put everyone in the mood for Fall.  However, the week's forecast is still a little on the warm side, but now that the days are getting shorter, the evenings are still cooler and I'm ready to start transitioning our dinners to include more harvesty/fall recipes.

Penne Pasta with Lemon Grilled Chicken

On Monday, we are usually in the mood for something light, but still comforting after the first day back in the real world.  I feel like I always start the week off with something Lemon Chicken.  I have lots of cherry tomatoes from our garden (and will for the next month, I have a feeling...), so I'm looking for lots of ways to incorporate them. I'll marinade and grill extra chicken tonight and save some to use sliced in tomorrow night's Kale Salad.  
Autumn Kale Salad with Sliced Grilled Chicken and Mushroom Burrata Crostini

I have to have something indulgent with dinner.  If we are having a salad or something super light (like grilled fish), then I usually need a side of pasta or cheese bread... or I just don't feel satisfied.  This salad is so flavorful and crave-able, but the crostini with burrata will make it a meal.  As noted above, I'll add leftover sliced chicken from Monday night's dinner to the salad.

Sheet Pan Lemon Roasted Salmon & Vegetables

Wednesday night is Emma's soccer practice, so I like to have something that is basically ready before we go and I can just put in the oven (or reheat) when we get home at 6.  This is a dinner recipe that is made all on one sheet pan and roasts in the oven.  I'll put it together earlier in the day, then stick it in the oven when we get home.  It is also super healthy and fresh, so I'll likely make some cheese bread from Tuesday night's crostini, too ; )
Beef Drip Sandwiches with Truffle Fries 

On Thursday I like to make something that will have lots of easy to reheat leftovers for the weekend.  It goes in the oven (or crockpot) in the morning and is ready when you get home.  We're obsessed with this shredded beef recipe and will use the leftovers for tacos, nachos and sandwiches all weekend long for easy lunches.  

These Truffle Fries are made from frozen fries and dressed up with truffle oil, parmesan and thyme.  Such an easy treat that makes everyone's day.

1 comment:

  1. Yum! Love this menu, I may use it for next week. :)


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