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August 30, 2016

Restocking + New Products | Essential Bottles, Ribbons, Parchment, Kraft Treat Bags

I've restocked and added a couple of new products in the store that I wanted to share today.  Enjoy!

Paper Coffee Cups, 50 for $12

After I introduced the Clear Cups & Lids this summer, my sister suggested a to-go coffee cup for the store.  She mentioned the ones found at the grocery store were not attractive and pretty expensive.  We usually use stainless thermoses for our coffee, but...  I am the worst about leaving our nice coffee thermoses in my car for days... or leaving them in the backyard, or the garage, or on the shelf at the store while I'm browsing.  They are always missing.  
When we have friends or parents for dinner or brunch, I always offer to send them home with a coffee for the road, but end up having to scrounge up a cup of sorts to put it in.  These will be so nice to have for so many reasons - hot cider on walks this fall, to-go hot cocoa (and schnapps) for our friends on halloween night, and anytime we're headed in the car in the morning. 

I've added a new color to my Taper Candle mix - Rust (top, left, $10.50 for set of 12" tapers).  You may have noticed that I don't really do much red around here (really only around the holidays).  But, I do love that warmth of red tones.  This Rust color is muted enough for my neutral loving habits, but still adds that seasonal warmth that I'm craving.  

These bags are great for everyday lunches (they fit a sandwich, popcorn, slice of banana bread or cookie!) or entertaining.  This fall, I plan to fill them with popcorn trail mix for Emma's class (they're into not so sweet at her school).  
I love wrapping it with ribbon or twine and sealing with a label.  
50 bags per set
6" x 8" bags

I've added some new ribbon colors to my mix, as well.  Left to Right :

5/8" Satin Moss, $6 : A new size of one of my favorite colors.
2" Tan Satin : A new soft color that goes with every season.
7/8" Copper Satin : A favorite from last year in a new size.
2" Large Antique Blue Grosgrain
5/8" Gold Satin : A new size of a great color for fall.
1 1/2" Satin Moss
Ivory 5/8" Grosgrain
5/8" Antique Blue Grosgrain
5/8" Sand Grosgrain
5/8" Moss Grosgrain

You can see that the new satin is a bit softer, a touch more pink than the grosgrain.  

And... All of the Essentials Bottles have been restocked!  This is thanks to Laurie who packages them all up - it is quite a job!

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