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January 03, 2018

Our "Classic" White Kitchen Design | Marble Countertops, Wood Island Top, Brass Pulls & Lanterns

Our Kitchen Details

I've been meaning to write this post since we moved into our new kitchen last summer.  Sorry : )  I often get emails asking about the details of our design and I thought it would be easier if I had one nice post to direct everyone with questions.  When we were designing the kitchen (and the rest of the house), I remember being very overwhelmed by all of the decisions to be made.  All of the decisions.  We often look around at our kitchen now and say, there were probably one thousand decisions made in this one room.  

Thankfully, I don't have any regrets when it comes to our kitchen (or the rest of the house).  I'm glad we splurged where we did, and I'm glad we saved where we could.  I absolutely love this kitchen.  I love that the finishes are polished enough to feel elegant, but the warmth makes it feel little country-cottagey, too.  It is a breeze to work in efficiently.  It feels cozy on a Sunday morning, but is big and open enough to handle a large party, too.  While the entire kitchen is "white on white" we added warmth through the creamy paint color (Navajo White), brass, marble and warm wood island top to make it feel homey and warm.

All of the resources are listed at the end of the post.  I tried to include everything, but I'm sure I left something out.  Let me know if I missed something!

Take a tour of our entire house (in progress...) here.

This was the original plan for how I would organize my kitchen.  I posted it here with more details on the layout and cabinetry design.  You will see as I go through the post, it changed a bit when we unpacked and as we continue to live and work in the space.

This is the baking corner that looks to the backyard.  Most of my photos for the blog and store are taken right here.  The back porch overhang is the perfect filter for pretty light through these windows.  Not only is cooking in this kitchen delightful, but working here is so much easier and more natural.  I used to have to stage food and product photos in other parts of the house.   Now it is a much more natural process for me to be able to take pretty photos as I go without having to change locations.

This is the layout of the kitchen, as drawn by the cabinetry designer.  This can be helpful if you are looking for measurements for scale.

Walls & Trim : Benjamin Moore Navajo White Satin

Countertops : Arabescata Veneto Marble with Honed Finish

Hardware : Martha Stewart Bedford Brass from Home Depot

Windows : Anderson 400

Paint Color Details : You can see all of the paint colors for our house, here.

Bread Board Collection

Charging Drawer
I love this charging drawer!  In every house we lived in before, we had a countertop dedicated to charging... and things just end up piling up in that spot - mail, keys, junk.  This drawer just gave all of those things a place.  So, instead of planning for the ipad to have a spot on the counter to charge, we planned for a spot that would put away - charging.

We charge the ipads, the wireless speaker and my iphone.  Of course, it is also a place for keys, lip gloss, sunglasses, tablets and pens.  Of course this drawer doesn't always look like this.  There is always a needed purge about once every season.  I tend to put it off, but when I do it takes 5 minutes and I feel so much better.

This is what the back of the drawer looks like.  We had our electrician hardwire an outlet and powerstrip in the back of the drawer.  So much better than this tangle of cords on top of the counter.  We never open the drawer all of the way out, so we never see this cord mess unless we need to ; )

Baking Counter

This corner of the kitchen works so well for me.  I love that it is a couple of steps away from the rest of the kitchen.  It gives me so much room to stretch out and get messy, and everything I need  for baking is within arms reach.

Our kitchen wouldn't be complete without Emma's chair close by that she uses to stand and help.  It comes in handy for me, too, when I need to reach to a top shelf.  When we moved in the house, I bought a set of unfinished childrens chairs and a table, then applied the finish myself.

Left to right : Kitchen Aid attachments, Copper Biscuit Cutter, Petite & Small Paper Tart Pans, Rubber Spatulas, measuring cups, Brown & White Cupcake Papers, Jumbo Pastry Tips, Scoops and Disposable Pastry Bags.


These are my favorite Large Disposable Piping Bags to put muffin batter in.  I make it ahead of time and keep them in the freezer.

All of these items have recently been restocked in my store (found in Baking Supplies) this week.

The Baking Sheets & Parchment Paper are stored vertically, here to the left of the baking counter.  This photo was taken before I added the natural parchment paper to my store.

Shop my Baking Supplies >

On the right side of the baking counter, is the area for the small appliances.  Originally, I thought I would work in the kitchen and keep a printer and files here, but since I've relocated my office to the mudroom, this area opened up.  I actually can't imagine working in the kitchen now - not sure what I was thinking!  I think before I had always just perched at the counter with my laptop and sipped coffee while I worked all day.  I was so used to not having a proper space to work that I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.  You can see what my office space in the mudroom looks like, here.

As you can see at the end of the baking counter is our coffee and tea station.  Above, in the glass front, are the coffee cups, below the coffee and tea is kept in the drawer.   You can see into the mudroom/my office space through the dutch door.  We only installed the bottom of the dutch door to leave the top open.  Mr. Darcy has a doggy door in the mudroom to the back yard, so, if it is muddy, then I shut the dutch door so he can come in from the backyard to food and water, but can't track mud all over the house...

This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago.  You might notice in the photo at the top, that Mr. Darcy has since had a haircut ; )

The Creamware Platters on the wall are part of a six piece collection, here >

We were sure to have the above cabinetry at a specific height so that we could open the top of the kuerig machine - which was not the case in our last kitchen.  We always had to move it out from underneath the cabinet for it to work.


Island Wood Top : Clear Alder Wood Wide Plank

Finish : Minwax Provincial Stain + Marine Satin Finish Sealer

Sink : Signature Hardware Reinhard 30" Sink, White

Faucet : Rohl Perrin & Rowe Bridge Faucet in Polished Nickel

Kitchen Bottles : These are part of my Clean Bottles Collection (recently restocked).

The small tray (holding the dish soap) is here >

Kitchen Bottles : 
About my Everyday Essential Bottles Collection :
Half of you are going to think I am crazy (you have too much time on your hands, blah, blah...).  The other half are going to say - "Yes! This is what I've been looking for!" just like me.  I have always wanted clean, fresh bottles with clean fresh labels for every single bottle in my house.  Like most things, I thought if I want it, there is likely a group (of you!) out there that are on the same page.  
It took me about 20 minutes to fill all of the bottles from my collections (Kitchen, Cleaning, Laundry & Bath and Shower) and it was so gratifying to get rid of all of those brightly colored, tacky bottles designed to grab your attention in the Target aisle.  Now, when I look under the sink, or in my shower, or in my laundry room I am no longer confronted with those red, black, green, orange and bright blue labels, but these soothing clean bottles.  Everything already feels more organized.  They can also help us reduce our footprint by buying in bulk (less packaging to recycle) and buying in bulk means running less errands... something I detest.  Have I convinced you yet?  You know you will love them.  
I designed the packaging to be subtle and classic - no bright colors or distracting labels to take away from your beautiful kitchen.  These bottles come bank and empty, ready to be labeled (included) and filled with your favorite products.

Piles of Tea Towels kept in the drawer to the left.

We have a small microwave inserted into a cubby that has an outlet.  I really don't like microwaves, so I didn't want to spend any $ on a super nice one or give it much of a priority in our kitchen, so this worked perfectly.  Bonus, Emma thinks it is her own personal oven, since she can reach it easily.


Below, I keep our to-go cups.  We have Clear Cups & Lids (50 for $12) and Straws for smoothies or water togo (instead of bottled) and we have White Paper Cups and Lids (50 for $12) for coffee, cider and hot chocolate as we head out the door.

In the drawer above the cups, I keep Emma's plates and bowls for snacks.  I like that it is at her level so she can help herself - it makes her feel more independent.

The Brass Lanterns are from Cape Cod Lantern Co.  You might remember we installed a larger version in our old dinning room (that now hangs in our bedroom).  It is called the Concord Lantern and is made by hand in Cape Cod.  We bought it right after we moved back from Concord, Mass to bring a little piece of our New England journey into our new home (especially appropriate, as it is a Cape Cod style house... just in Kansas!).

You can read more about our lighting decisions for the rest of the house, here.

Millwork Details :

I was very specific with our cabinetry designer that I wanted the crown mouldings to wrap around the entire room.  I wanted the kitchen to feel built into the room, not added or separate.  We had to plan extensively for this, making decisions on the mouldings before the cabinets were built to make sure there was room to fit the 10" crown treatment that wraps the walls, cabinets and the beams.  I think great millwork details are really what makes our kitchen feel completely custom.  We included a Furniture Base Trim at the base of the cabinets, which is different from a typical open toe kick.  Again, makes the kitchen feel more built-in and finished.
Backsplash & Bracket Details :

The backsplash on the counter area is painted wooden beadboard, while it is bone subway tile behind the range.  We have wooden brackets accenting the cabinetry around the range, also, which adds to the "country kitchen" feel.

Inset Cabinetry : We chose to upgrade to inset cabinetry (about a 15% increase) because it turns out every single photo I had pinned had inset cabinetry.  It was a fairly pricey upgrade, considering it didn't really add any function, but it was the "look" I was going for.  You can read about the decision making process here, as I debated inset versus overlay.  I'm glad we chose inset for the kitchen (and our master vanity, we used overlay in the mudroom to save) because it really adds to the finished look of our kitchen and the "old fashioned" "built-in" and "original" look we were trying to achieve.

To the right of the stove, I keep all of my wooden cooking utensils in a white pitcher.  I also keep this basket with linen tea towels and fresh fruit.

To the left of the stove, we keep the knives, small bowl of seas sea salt and pouring dispenser of olive oil, for easy access while cooking.

Handled Tray and Maple Cheese Tray, here >

Below this area (next to the fridge and across from the dishwasher for convenience), I keep our storage containers.  These are a lifesaver.  They keep this area so organized and neat.  The glass are used for leftovers - great for reheating in the microwave.  The plastic containers get everything from freezer items, fresh fruit to grated parmesan cheese or a homemade vinaigrette.


In the drawer to the right of the stove, we keep the rest of the cooking utensils.  I have a thing about not having many plastic or colorful utensils - just looks neater when everything sort of goes together and has a place.  I also make a point of only having one (sometimes 2) of everything (except wooden spoons).

Below the kitchen utensils, the pots and pans.  Are you suprised to see that I only own 6 pots and pans?  (Besides the Staub dutch oven I keep on the stovetop.)  We registered for this set of All-Clad for our wedding and have never needed another pan yet.  The only thing I've added is a cast iron skillet.  I am a big advocate of pairing down your kitchen to the essentials - it makes being in the kitchen so much easier if you don't have to dig around for what you need.

And above, the spice cabinet... it never looks this neat, unfortunately : )

Now for my favorite.  I love this area of our kitchen!
This is the hutch that holds all of the pretties and everything we need to set the table.  It is also conveniently located across the way from the dishwasher for easy unloading.  

These long flat drawers hold all of our flatware and linens.

I love collecting, mixing and matching flatware.   The set to left is a silver plate set we received for our wedding.  The service set next to that with the wooden serving spoons and knives are antique, and were an old family friends'.  The Laguiole Ivory Handles are available, here.  The set all the way to the right is a basic set from Pottery Barn - maybe their catering set?   In total, we have enough to do full place settings for 20.  

And then, the linens... my favorite part.

Since I have new linen collections in my store every season, I've amassed quite a collection...

Shop the Linen Collection, here >

These are the napkins that we use for dinner every night.  They aren't always ironed, though ; )

My newest favorite are above (all the way to the left), the Olive Block Print Napkins, 4 for $32.  They are going to be perfect for family dinners this fall.

We keep all of our dishes, china, platters and glasses in this cabinet.  It is so great to have everything for setting the table, just across from the dining table.  It is helpful that it is not in direct flow with the kitchen, so when I am cooking, Emma and Mike can set the table without crossing my path... also very helpful when entertaining.

We have all basic white plates and bowls, with a couple of additions of some ice cream bowls that Emma likes.

You can find our runner here.  I thought I'd need a new one every year (after muddy paws and spaghetti sauce drips), but I just took this out to the back yard and scrubbed it and power washed it and it looks great.  I have an oriental runner that is full of rich colors that I'll move here in the fall and winter.  You can see photos of what the kitchen (and the rest of the house) looked like for Christmas, here.
Resources : 

Walls & Trim : Benjamin Moore Navajo White Satin

Countertops : Arabescata Veneto Marble with Honed Finish

Hardware : Martha Stewart Bedford Brass from Home Depot

Windows : Anderson 400

Paint Color Details : You can see all of the paint colors for our house, here.

Brass Lanterns : Concord Lanterns (Small) in Antique Brass from Cape Cod Lighting Co.

Seagrass Runner : Shop Here, Bark Color

Island :

Island Wood Top : Clear Alder Wood Wide Plank

Finish : Minwax Provincial Stain + Marine Satin Finish Sealer

Sink : Signature Hardware Reinhard 30" Sink, White

Faucet : Rohl Perrin & Rowe Bridge Faucet in Polished Nickel

Range : Verona Range

Kitchen Bottles : These are part of my Clean Bottles Collection.

Small Tray : The small tray (holding the dish soap) is here >

Large Handled Tray : Large Tray and Maple Cheese Tray, here >

The older I get, the less concerned I am about trends and the latest, in general. Instead I want our home to feel gracious, comfortable, and tried and true. I like pretty things. Remember pretty?
During the summertime, I like our lives to stand still and away from the rest of the world. I think of that quintessential summer cottage that sits at the end of a shady lane somewhere, maybe next to the water, that is removed from time. I think of bare feet in the grass playing under the cherry tree, the smell of fresh laundry, lush green backyards with rose-scented air, over-stuffed beds with crisp white sheets layered with small print linens, slow mornings spent piddling in the kitchen and late sunset dinners on the patio.
The Garden Home Collection feels like this to me. It is a classic combination of blues and greens with hints of lilac and peony pink. I have baskets full of potted plants (thanks to Tessa of Nine and Sixteen for the inspiration), and cheerful stripes and checks that give that collected, charming look that a feels little country, but fresh and summery at the same time.
Oh happy summer, you are just around the corner.

Striped Ribbon for turns these gift basics into something lovely.

Tessa ( inspired this set up - she's queen of cozy and charming.  I realized I already had all of these items, but putting them together like this makes the coziest little corner.

Basket Tray
Lake Blue Checked Napkin
Classic Creamers Set

Green Fleur 20" Medium Pillow Cover
Lake Blue Check 22" Large Pillow Cover

It is all about the mix and match that makes a home feel cozy and collected.  Some of these pillow covers are from collections past, then mixed with the new Green Fleur & Lake Blue Check Pillow Covers - they feel comfortable and fresh.

I use 22" Large Covers on the outside, then two 20" Medium on the inside, or one 20" and one rectangle for accent.

Shop Pillow Covers >

Classic Cream & Sugar Set (Sugar seen, here)

I freshened our guest bedroom with new enlarged 11x14" Botanicals and some Green Fleur Pillow Covers.  The green always looks so nice with our blue guest room.

Botanicals & Pillow Covers >

I love how sweet this room feels - scalloped duvet, stacks of quilts on the chest in the dormer window.

Back down in the kitchen, I moved all of the potted plants to the window to make it feel like a greenhouse in here.

The sideboard is dressed up with Green Leaf Plates for a touch of a garden feel.

Perfect for summer garden entertaining - beautiful color with a graceful patina.  Slightly rustic, but so, so pretty.

Shop all linen collections >

Lake Blue Check Napkins >

Green Fleur Tea Towels >

Strawberry Copper Cookies Cutters >

Make in Nebraska, these copper cookie cutters are heirloom quality.  They come packaged in a gift bag with a recipe card, tied with a ribbon.  Such a nice gift.

Fluer Napkins tied with Small Navy Striped Grosgrain Ribbon.

Green Fleur Napins
Green Leaf Plates
Basket Trays
Navy Striped Grosgrain Ribbon

Wraps : School House Blue, Lilac & Peony


  1. Absolutely lovely... I loved having your house as "inspiration" while we were building. It helped me far more than you know!! Hope all is well, maybe we will see you guys sometime this fall.

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    I have followed your blog for some time now and it was so fun keeping up with all of the design decisions that went into your remodel. It's absolutely one of my favorites! I share your thoughts on keeping only what you use in your kitchen. Our kitchen is small and it was essential that I pare down to the essentials. I've not missed any of the gadgets that I used to own and use maybe once a year, if that.
    Thanks for this tour and for inspiring me to clean up my utensils drawer! :-)

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    I'm curious about 2 items-- I know you mentioned you have no regrets on the kitchen, but how do you like the marble? Does it stain easily if pasta sauce or wine accidentally gets on it? And do you like the dark walnut stain on your floors? We have dark walnut LVT in our rental and it shows drops more than I like but I love the color. Thank you again!

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    Jenny...Thank you for sharing the post. I am beginning a kitchen remodel and had planned to email the same questions you addressed.
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    I love the chairs at your kitchen bar. I was wondering where you purchased them?

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