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August 09, 2016

Classic Home Collection | Muted Blues & Greens, Botanical Prints, Linens, Candles, Natural Parchment

The Classic Home Collection

For me, this time of year is all about getting back to the routine of home.  I'm looking forward to earlier evenings, family dinners, snuggly weekends and a cozy, cozy home.  When I was putting this collection together, I really thought about what a classic home looks and feels like to me - timeless and comfy, no need for trends, no time for fuss; a home that just feels warm.

After days out in the world, dealing with who knows what, my goal is always to make our home a safe haven - a place everyone feels secure and loved. Guards are let down, defenses put away and it has a really comfy place to settle into before a comforting dinner around the table.  To help you make that happen in your home, I found the softest throws and pillows in muted tones, napkins and tablecloths for family dinners, worksheets and tablets for organizing everything, classic candles and botanical prints.  

I hope you find something that will help you to run your home more efficiently and more beautifully. ore beautifully. 

Shop the entire Classic Home Collection, here.


Botanical Prints, $4-6

Botanical prints are one of the most classic pieces of artwork.  Bringing bits of nature into your home like this adds that warmth and earthiness that we all crave this time of year.  
Classic botanical prints professionally printed on photo paper.   There are six prints to select from.

The Softest Throws, $80-90

These Throws are absolutely luscious.  The softest thing you've ever felt.  They are so so so soft, heavy and cozy - a blanket that you'll love curling up with in your favorite chair.  
Throws Pictured Top to Bottom :

Olive Meena Pillow Cushion Cover, 20" Square, $32

Left, Olive Meena Pillow Cover, 20", Right, Indigo Block Print Cover, 22"

The "What's For Dinner" question is always a struggle at our house.  I ask Mike what he wants, and he says give me some choices.  Usually I come up with 3-4 of the standards (pasta, steaks, grilled chicken...), but forget about some of our favorites.  Now, at the beginning of the week, we can sit down with this tablet.  
Not only will it help us to decide what to have, but it will help me balance the week's meals - beef, fish, chicken, pasta.  All of these recipes can be found on my site, you can search here.
Natural Cardstock, 50 page tablet

Weekly Planner Tablet

To some, this might sound like an old-fashioned idea - a paper planner?  For me, I need to have something I can hold in my hand.  I want to be able to sit down with Mike on a Sunday evening and walk through our week.  Not only does it keep us organized, but it helps me to be able to see balance in our week.  I plan for casual dinners out (instead of cooking every night...), and it helps me see the space for fun and downtime.

Daily Living Tablet, $8

I'm keeping this tablet on my bedside.  While the Weekly Planner is more about logistics and scheduling, I want my priorities to have a space, too.  At the end of the day, I like to think about what I really want out of the next day, what my goals are.  So, I let the weekly planner do its job and keep me organized, but I let my Daily Living tablet to keep me prioritized.

Grocery List Tablet, $8

In one of the Barefoot Contessa's cookbooks, she showed her custom printed grocery shopping lists.  I always thought what a great idea that is, but never found a source... so, of course, I made one  : )

LePens, Set of 12

Colors : Grey, Brown, Blue, Green or Black

Sometimes it is just the little things that can make those daily tasks a little more fun.  Sitting down to fill out your Weekly Schedule, or make your Grocery List is much more tempting with a full supply of beautiful LePens on your desk, right?
Many of you have become fans of LePens like me.  I keep a glass full of them on my desk at all times.  For three years, I've sold four of them in a set with my Tablet, but I know many of you would love to have a big supply, too.  Now, I'm offering them in a box of 12 - perfect for getting organized as we begin a busy new season.

LePens have been my favorite for years.  They are thin and elegant, with a tiny felt tip.  You may have seen them on Martha Stewart's desk.  She's also a huge fan.  In fact, she gave her design editor, Kevin Sharky, an entire case of these grey pens for his new office.

Unbleached Parchment Paper, 100 sheets, $10

I love this new color for Fall baking.  I can't wait to wrap up a loaf of banana bread for a gift in this paper.  Of course, it is also perfect to use as a pan liner on sheet pans.

I'm looking forward to the school year beginning and sending Mike and Emma out the door every morning with a smoothie to-go in these cups.  I'll be sharing more of our smoothie recipes soon.
At first I ordered these cups for myself to keep on hand when we have friends with kids over.  I like that they are simple and clean and I can dress them up with a fun straw.  Halloween party?  Black or orange straw.  Birthday?  Pink, of course.  Christmas?  Red or Green.  Then, we started using them so much around our house on a daily basis, that I stocked them in our pantry.  We use them for smoothies on our walks or when we head out in the car.  We use them for lemonade when Emma has friends over.  We use them anytime we are headed out the door.  
*These darling straws are from Ikea! 

Everyday Candle, $24

This is the original scent that I carried in my store - almost 2 years ago!   Orange oil, currant, jasmine and cedar combine to make my favorite scent in my home.  I use this candle to start everyday.  Poured in a Blue & White Ceramic container, as that classic look we all love.
These candles are custom made for me by a local artisan, 5B & Co. Candlemakers in Brookside with pure soy wax and essential oils.


  1. Loving this collection! Jenny, could you please tell me the fiber content and size of the houndstooth name is on this throw! Thanks for all the wonderful offerings!

  2. Everything is beautiful! Could you tell us (or post in the online shop description) the dimensions of the throws? They are all so lovely!

  3. I love the glass your pens are in- are they available for purchase? I would love a set of 12.

  4. Love all your selections! Could you share the capacity of the smoothie cups? Also, those bamboo frames are perfect. Are they something you might be stocking later on? Would love the source, if at all possible. I hate to be needy, but the coconut soap that you sold last year is haunting me! With three boys, dishwashing duties are frequent. I need some JSH soap for that neverending task. Absolutely love your shop/site/style; so inspiring!


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