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Monday, May 16, 2016

The Summer Collection - Blue & White

The Summer Collection

I've never yearned summer like I am this year (...okay, except maybe when I was in grade school).  I'm ready for a new routine of no routine.  I'm ready for lazy mornings with too much coffee and biscuit sandwiches for breakfast on the back porch.  I'm ready for bike rides, trips to the lake, and long nights at the pool.  I'm ready for simple entertaining with kids running around in the back yard, fireflies and too much rosé : )

This collection is all of those things to me - easy, chic, simple.  I'm hoping our summer is filled with slowing down, enjoying nature and each other.

To see the entire Summer Collection, visit here > 

Here are some of my favorites : )

Blue & White Aprons, $34 

Buckets, Set of 2, $28

I've already found so many uses for these buckets - besides flowers.  Last weekend, I used the large to chill a bottle of rose and the small to hold roll-ups of silverware.  Of course, they look great with flowers, too.  
Copper Biscuit Cutter, $15

For the last three years I've featured my Copper Cookie Cutters as heirloom quality pieces to be shared for generations... all the while, I've been using a coffee cup to cut out biscuits.  Since we make biscuits around here quite often, I thought it was high time I upgraded one of our everyday favorites.  As we all know, memories aren't always made during holidays and special occasions, but lazy summer mornings, too.

Herb Pots

I will have these pretty much everywhere.  Since we have a large population of leafy green loving animals (bunnies!) in our yard, herbs are best kept in a pot out of reach.  So far, I have planted basil, thyme, cilantro, rosemary, italian parsley, chives and lavender.
Blue & White Ceramic Pots

I picked up these small herbs at Trader Joe's for $3 each.  They fit perfectly into these Blue and White Containers.  
Lulu Green Pillow, $32

This is such a beautiful pillow. The green is accented with robin's egg blue, making it very fresh for summer.

Size : 23" x 16"
Cover Only, Insert not included.
Classic Cream & Sugar, $84

I love anything that can serve as a duel purpose.  These little cuties will be in constant use in our home - mostly as mini vessels for flowers, and occasionally actually be used for Cream & Sugar : )

I like simple toys, especially in the backyard.  Tools, especially, allow kids to explore for hours.
Set includes three tools.  Made in Germany.
A staple every year in my store and in my home - these are just so charming!  Perfect for a birthday party, bake sale or wedding shower.  
I will continue to stock the enamelware through the summer - it is the most perfect summer entertaining essential.  It is inexpensive, casual and such a great color.  I love dressing it up and dressing it down.  

Willow Vase with Handle, $20

Restocked from Spring!  This Willow Vase is perfect for big bouquets of lilacs or hydrangea... or whatever you have growing in your yard.  I also plan to use mine outside with pillar candles inside.  I love how casual and rustic they look, but can look so elegant on a pretty table.

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