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April 11, 2016

The April Collection | Lilacs, Robin's Egg Enamelware, Aprons, French Candles & Essentials

The April Collection
Dew covered green grass on cool mornings, warm afternoons, dirt under my fingernails, mud on my boots and air scented with lilacs. April, I'm so glad you are here.
For this collection, I've put together some classic favorites like the Robin's Egg Blue Enamelware and Willow Vases and added some fabulous Lilacs in the form of pot holders, aprons and table linens. I love the combination of these soft colors that are ushering in a casual and relaxed spring season that calls for dinners outside, too much time spent in the garden, fresher, lighter recipes (except those chocolate cupcakes!) and time spent playing in the grass.
Shop all of the new additions to the Spring Collection, here >

Perfect for Mother's Day, a birthday or just yourself.  I love the cottage prints on these aprons - even makes my mudroom look charming : )

Block Print Linens

I can't get enough of this lilac pattern in our house right now.  This airy repeated pattern is giving every room in my house a cottage feel.  I normally lean to stripes, or blocks of muted, natural colors, but this entire collection has turned my house into a quaint english cottage, and I LOVE it.

The Lilac print is just a touch feminine with tiny bits of a lavender/pink shade, but reads green from a distance making it the perfect, understated way to use a floral pattern.  I am just smitten and love how transforming it is for each space in our home.

Lilac Napkins, $34

Set of 4.

The favorite lilac pattern is repeated here with a triple band border around the perimeter.  

Lilac Tea Towel

No collection is complete without a tea towel!  I'm contemplating turning some of these into cafe curtains in Emma's bathroom.  Yes, I'm addicted to this pattern.

Lilac Meena Potholders, $24 
Everyone needs a fresh set of potholders.  I've never seen a fresher version!  Now this is a potholder I would actually use when we have company... instead of the very tattered ones that were in my kitchen drawer!  These would make a great gift for a wedding shower, too.

Lilac Jasna Potholders, $24

Here is my pattern again : )

Lilac Cushion Cover, $34

Our white and ivory bedroom now feels like it is a cozy cottage room with just the addition of this lilac covered pillow cover and some fresh lilacs on the bedside.  

Lilac Meena Tablecloth, $68
The other tablecloth that coordinates with this collection is the Lilac Meena Tablecloth.  It has a small graphic floral print in a pale lilac/pink color with the lacy lilacs at the border.  You can see it coordinates beautifully with the Lilac Napkins.

Lilac Jasna Tablecloth, $68

I already have my table set for Mother's Day : )  It would also be the perfect setting for a baby or bridal shower, or birthday.

Lilac French Tumbler Candle, $28.50

The scent of soft lilac is so precious to me.  My neighbor has a huge collection of lilac bushes, and when the warm sun hits them it perfumes my entire backyard.  I walk out onto our porch and breath so deeply every chance I get.
Poured in a Fleur de Lys French Tumbler, this is my favorite essential.  The tumbler can be used as a drinking glass or vase when the candle is finished.

This candle is just luxurious.  When I burned the sample, I just couldn't keep away from it.  The breeze coming in our window, swirled in with this candle is so peaceful and special.  It is clean, it is floral and fresh at the same time - one of those candles that fill your nose and you just can't get enough of.

Small Willow Vase, $10

This vase gives such an earthy and casual look to anything it contains.  I will use it for flowers and also to put candles in 
You know I love basics - essentials.  In fact, I love basics so much that in my kitchen you will only find the basics - when it comes to cooking utensils.  I stick with wooden spoons and white rubber scrapers.  I am a stickler, constantly whittling down to the basics so things don't get overcrowded.  
Set includes two wooden spoons, one wooden spatula, one large scraper and one small scraper. 
Bath Brush, $14

I had a massage a couple of years ago and the therapist shared insights on body brushing.  There is nothing more exhilarating (or exfoliating!) than using a body brush on your legs, feet and back when you are in the shower.  Completely transformative and helps circulate energy throughout your body. 

Facial Brush, $10

I use this face brush every morning and night along with my facial cleansing oil.  It exfoliates and smooths my entire face - without a huge price tag of an electric one.

Wooden Hair Brush, $14

Why are simple, pretty essentials so hard to find?  I love the natural colors and materials used in this brush.  It keeps my bathroom feeling soothing, instead of something bright and plastic.

Dish Brush Duo, $10

I use all of the brushes in my Kitchen Brush Set, but these are the two that I need to replace on a regular basis because they get used so much.

Brought back by popular demand, a favorite from last summer's collection - Robin's Egg Blue Enamelware.  
Nothing says summer entertaining like enamelware - especially, in this perfect Robin's Egg (better known as Seaside around here) Blue color.  It is the perfect lightweight service-ware for using outdoors or on picnics.  Every time I use these, I love them even more. 
Each piece of Enamelware will hold its own characteristics and slight blemishes, due to its casual style.  Please see closeup photo for reference.
This platter is just the perfect size to display veggies from the grill, a big slab of brisket (shown here) or a long pound cake going down the center with whipped cream and berries piled around.  

I use this bowl all of the time.  It is perfect for a big salad or vegetables, like this french potato salad, or...
I love using the Big Basin Bowl ice as a cooler for beer or presseco. 
Last year I showed this large round platter with piles of fresh seafood, potatoes and corn - our favorite summer seafood boil.  The options are endless for this - even filled with chips and a bowl for guacamole would be perfect.

This is fun for anything (and always the first to sell out!)- especially a big pile of freshly washed berries.

Great for appetizers or a veggie platter.  This also is a great way to display rows of sliders, or cupcakes. 

The cutest thing for summer.  I use mine for small scoops of ice cream, or individual crumbles... also topped with ice cream. 

I put peach ice cream in the mini pots and topped them with tiny, super soft snickerdoodle cookies - a favorite combo.

Appetizer Plates, Set of 6, $24

I love these little 6" round plates.  There are always what I need when we are entertaining - to put out with snacks, appetizers or next to a tray of cupcakes.  Since they are enamelware, they add just enough of color and charm to any setting, whether it is inside for Mother's Day or outside for a BBQ.  

Shop the entire Spring Collection, here >

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