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April 27, 2016

Harvest Bins are back + Organizing my Pantry + Gift Baskets

Harvest Bins are back!

I introduced this basket in late February with my Spring Collection.  It flew out of the door and I immediately ordered more... and then I was told that they would not have more made until April.  Of course!  So, here we are at the end of April, restocked and ready to go.

I love the size and shape of this basket.  It has squared corners, making more of a bin, perfect for organizing cupboards and shelves.  Here, I filled it with some Lilac favorites for a gift that I'm giving to Emma's teacher.   I included more details about how I put the basket together and products included, at the end of the post.

With a plethora of bins available, yesterday, I picked up a couple for myself and did some much needed organizing...

Shop the Harvest Bins, here >
*Free shipping on orders over  $50 continues!

Are you ready for a peek inside my pantry?  This photo is post a 30-minute organizing session yesterday.  Before I started I grabbed my camera and took a shot of the very messy "before" pantry, but as fate would have it, my camera didn't have a card in it... which I just realized as I was uploading these photos.  So, lucky you, you don't get to see my embarrassing mess of a pantry, but only the cleaned-up version.  I lucked out!

This is one of those projects that I have put off for months, but that drives me crazy every day.  I'm not kidding that it just took 30 minutes - so much better.

I realize I could've styled the heck out of this, but I wanted to keep it real.  I organized it for our real life. This was just what was already in here, but now better organized.

Before the organization, I didn't have any baskets to help rein and divide the clutter.  Everything was just piled in, and if it was behind something, it may as well have been lost.  

In the "snack" area, I have a Small Harvest Basket for fresh fruit (it also lives on the counter, sometimes, but Emma can reach it better here) and a Harvest Bin for bags of chips and pretzels.  I can easily slide the baskets out to access items stored behind that aren't used as often.

I used a Large Harvest Tray as a sort of drawer to hold allllll of the pasta that I apparently need.  I also need some more binder clips to hold the opened bags securely closed.  I love that I can slide it out to see what I have, instead of just reaching my hand back there and hoping I come out with what I need.

On the top shelf I keep a basket with bread + onions + potatoes + garlic.  Again, nice to be able to easily pull it out and see what I have.

Behind it, I keep Plastic Containers (16 for $8) of baking essentials like chocolate chips, banana chips (for muffins!), pecans, dried cranberries, milk chocolate chips, peanut butter chips and butterscotch chips.  You never know...

The basket to the left reins all of the brown sugar and powdered sugar that hasn't made it to the countertop canisters.

On a lower shelf, I have Quart Baskets that hold crackers, girl scout cookies, oatmeal pouches, etc. - all at Emma's reach.  Below that is our S'mores basket ready to go out to the fire and Mr. Darcy's food!

Here D is checking out the new system... uh oh, might have to move those cookies!!  I promise, we have lots of healthy food in the refrigerator : )  

Shop the Harvest Bins, Baskets and Trays, here >

Ick, my lighting was off in this photo!  But, you can get a glimpse of what is happening in the upper cabinets where I store vases, jars of jam, cookbooks, candles, etc.  I probably need a better system up there, too, but one step at a time!  You may notice that the door to the right (where Emma keeps her art and crafts supplies) is closed as it has recently been officially unorganized by a fun cousin weekend.  That will be my next project!

Ok, back to the gift!  I included (left to right)

Lilac Tea Towel, $14
Bath Brush, $14
Meena Lilac Apron, $34
Concord Green Candles, $10.50
Kitchen Scrub Brushes, $10
Lilac French Tumbler Candle, $25
Lilac Oven Mitt (on sale, comes as set of 2 for $24 $20)
Everyday Occasions Boxed Gift Card

I rolled up the apron and tied it with its own tie, which would be a great gift on its own.

As I was making the basket, I thought I'd share this look out of my window at the new playhouse!  We had torrential storms here last night, so I'm relieved to see that it is still standing... and that all of the cedar shakes are still in place and the door didn't fly off.

The details are coming next week, I hope : )

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