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Friday, March 18, 2016

Window Boxes | DIY Easy Flower Boxes

Window Boxes | DIY Easy Flower Boxes

Window boxes are transformative for a house, instantly giving charm and character.  We fell in love with flower boxes in Massachusetts, where they are standard on most homes and especially businesses.  They were elaborate and packed full.  I especially remember them in spring - full of pansies, daffodils, hyacinth and muscari.

I'm not sure why we didn't tackle this project last year when we built the house, considering how simple it was, but at that point I couldn't make one more decision.  We had a flower box in this spot before the renovation, but since we added a window on the other side of the front door, we needed the two boxes to match.  The original box was a little more flourishy than what I had in mind, so we decided to start from scratch.

I keep it classic in our yard and garden, and like lush greens with a little bit of structure, so naturally I love boxwoods.  They are a great bright green (versus dark green like a yew), grow fast and are easy to shape.  I love small boxwoods in planters and boxes - they automatically give height, structure and lushness, then I fill in with softer, more flowing flowers around the base for each season.  As you can see, for Spring I filled with pansies + hyacinth.  In the Summer I will find a white annual that will spill over the sides.  For Fall, I can layer in small gourds and pumpkins.  For Christmas, I can add red berries and greens to the boxwood boxes.  

Mike and Emma put the boxes together in about 30 minutes.  We used 1x12" pine boards.  The boxes were 6ft long, 1ft deep, and 1ft tall.  Mike put a 2"x1" trim piece on top, then I added a trim moulding piece underneath the top trim later that week before painting.

He put the slats in the bottom so the boxes would drain easily.  I bought plastic box liners that sit down into the boxes.

Later that week Emma and I primed and painted to match the house.

She was concentrating so hard on covering every inch!  I love that we can do real projects together - she loves to "work" and help.

You can see the hyacinth bulbs poking through!  They add a wonderful perfume to the front steps.

These planters will be coming to the store early next week - as so many of you have requested!  Be forewarned, they are expensive to ship, which is why I have hesitated for so long, but you all are demanding : )

Our daffodils are blooming!  I'll take you on a tour of the rest of the yard next week - when everything should be in full bloom.

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  1. They are beautiful, Jenny and I am inspired! How did you (or Mike...) affix them to the house?

    1. Hi Heather! We just screwed them into the house with wood screws. I'm sure there is a much more official way to do it.... : )

  2. These are gorgeous! They complement your house perfectly. Where did you get your box liners?

  3. How beautiful they look. So classic. I too was wondering where to buy the box liners that would fit, your window box looks deeper than the liners I can purchase at home depot. Thank you for posting this.

  4. I'm so excited about this post! I've been wanting wood window boxes for years. Such an easy project that looks pricey. Thank you! I love box woods also they have a classic/timeless look.

  5. I forgot to ask what color your door and shutters are, so pretty!

  6. Love your front entrance!


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