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February 20, 2019

Spring Cleaning Worksheets

I love spring cleaning.  I'm sure that sounds nutty, but I do.  Remember when we moved out of our house for our new addition?  I said, "I love packing."  And again when we moved back in, I said, "I love moving and unpacking."  It is all in the same vein for me - that fresh start, new project feeling.  Cleaning up and cleaning out.  I just love the feeling I get of physically working and cleaning, not to mention the lightness it brings to our house.

Our home works very hard for us - entertaining, family time, play dates, nightly dinners, big and little holidays - so keeping it in good order helps us to live fully.  We've all had those issues in our home that make us feel like "we can't have anyone over until..." or "we can't enjoy the backyard until..."  I never want any of those reasons to keep us from fully living and enjoying - having friends for dinner, family time in the backyard, relaxing on the porch with wine in the evening, coffee in the morning, and our time in the kitchen.  If your home is not serving your life in a productive and positive way, it will make you feel so much better to take some time to tackle those "if, only, when" barriers.  

Above : These are my favorite Tablets to stay organized.  You can purchase these in my store, or you can download some cleaning worksheets I've put together below.

Spring Cleaning Worksheets - Download

You can download all of the spring worksheets here.  I have blank sheets, as well my own list, in case you need inspiration.  They are in PDF, Excel,Numbers and JPeg formats.

I am the first to admit, I'm not great at keeping things neat and tidy all of the time on a daily (hourly?) basis (at all), so having this regular re-organize and deep-clean schedule keeps everything relatively nice feeling... even with my day-to-day messes.  For this spring, I made a list of the spots in our home that need the most attention.  Most of these items need to happen every season - which keeps it manageable.  I also make sure I have "fun" projects, too, like adding fresh pillows and throws.  As you can see, I did the "fun" thing first - only thing checked off so far!  Normally, I would wait until everything else was checked off, but those pillows from the spring collection were too good to resist.

The first item on my Inside list is the Freezer and Refrigerator.  I have been meaning to do this since January.  Oops!  I'll be doing that today and stocking it with healthy options fresh for spring (like favorite smoothie ingredients... and frozen cookie dough).  I'll walk you through everything that I'll keep stocked next week.

Here is the freezer inventory list I made to keep on the inside of my cabinet.  I always forget what I have in there!  I used to do this when we lived in Concord when Emma was a baby since we relied on the freezer so much.  I would be stumped for a dinner idea, then go to this list and remember that I had frozen parmesan chicken or soup in the freezer.  Every year we get a freezer full of beef from my family's farm.  This list will help me remember that I have 2 briskets, 8 ribeyes, 20 packs of hamburger and 3 chuck roasts still in the freezer.  I'll be implementing this again this spring.

I am so glad it is almost time to get our hands in the dirt again.  Since I end up working at my computer for a big chunk of the day, I really look forward to nice weather so Emma and I can spend our after school time in the backyard.  We've done the cleaning out, now the fun starts with mulch, seeding and some little gardens we're planning.  I'll share more details on those in the next week.  

We woke up to our first daffodils blooming inside this morning - so fun!  

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  1. It's in our blood-I absolutely adore Spring cleaning... And any kind of cleaning and organizing. I'll definitely be using all of these tips and worksheets. Happy Spring.

  2. OMG where do you get the energy from? The time? The stamina? You are my hero! What i like most about your blog is your thoughts And values. My favorite post of yours is " let your heart be light" . Yes I have been following your blog that long! I get inspired by how you put the important things in life first, how you work part time to look both after your family and yourself and his generous you are supporting various charities and those in need. You mum taught you well and I m impressed you have such a good balance and haven't changed at all. Thank you for your reflections and written meditation, it inspires us all to live fully, to make life better.
    With many thanks,

  3. Thank you so much for posting these. I didn't realize this was something I needed for spring cleaning until I started filling them out with all the "to do" lists that were in my head. Seeing everything on paper is great & even though my family thinks all my spreadsheets are over the top, they have always helped me be more productive AND less stressed about it!

  4. Loving these worksheets, I'm going to introduce these to my housekeeping clients, they would benefit from having a worksheet displayed in a prominent area of their houses. Thanks for the post :)

  5. Wow you are so organized! I'm going to start using these worksheets, makes a lot of sense!


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