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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Meet Laurie! New Super Customer Specialist

Laurie in Kennebunkport, Maine
Meet Laurie!

Laurie is my new Customer Specialist... and super everything helper.  Her role is to answer any question you have and help you with any order issues.  She is here just for you.  I really wanted the emails we receive from our customers to be a top priority, so I found Laurie.   I searched high and low for someone that has a kind nurturing spirit and that would be proactive in ensuring everyone is taken care of.   She is so prompt and polite in all of her responses - you will love communicating with her.  

Laurie has a busy family life with her husband and two boys.  She might respond to your email from her home in the morning after she takes the boys to school, while she's waiting to pick up her son from basketball practice in the afternoon, or while at a swim meet over the weekend!  I'm sure you all can relate to a similar schedule : )  I love that she is able to serve my business and you while still being an amazing mom.  She lives near me and is also helping me do some hands on work (like putting together bottles and candles!) when I need her help.  She is also helping me come up with some fun new customer appreciation projects to thank you all for your support.

Laurie manages the store email address, so when you email us at, you will be in contact with her.

Manchester, Vermont
From Laurie : 

Hello!  My name is Laurie and I am so very excited to be working alongside Jenny!  She truly is everything she projects within Everyday Occasions; warm, kind, funny, organized, hard working, generous and completely inspiring!  Her home is even better in person then in the pictures!  Absolutely stunning!

My background is in teaching.  After getting married to my high school sweetheart (Mike) and living in the KC area for a few years, we relocated to Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Ultimately, we found our way back to KC, where I decided to stay at home and raise our two boys, Nathaniel and Ryan (and mini-Aussie Thatcher).  Now that they are older, I knew the time had come to find something more.  Jenny’s post on needing help could not have come at a more perfect time!  I am so honored and completely excited to be joining Jenny!

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