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Friday, January 22, 2016

Valentine's Products Restocked | Pillows, Heart Sprinkles, Ribbon, Platters, Planters & Hanging Baskets

Some of the most popular Valentines products are restocked today!  I've also restocked some essentials that were depleted during the rush of the Holidays - details below.

Shop the entire Valentine's Collection, here.

The Rose Wood Block Collection

This collection is from a new company I'm working with in Denmark.  I was so glad to find their clean, graphic styles that read traditional, yet fresh.  This rosey color is just the thing to brighten up these winter months well into (and through!) warm summer months.  The sophisticated rose color will compliment with almost any decor.  I can't wait to set a table (hopefully this weekend...) filled with my peony blooms. 

***Because these are coming from Denmark, there was a slight delay in their arrival.  They will be ready to ship early next week.  I will be working on a table setting to share when I get my hands on them!
The Rose Block Print Collection :

I love a velvet accent pillow.  They are great almost anywhere - the middle of a sofa, the middle of a bed, or on a cozy chair.  This neutral coral color is a great way to soften your home during these bleak winter months.  It would love fabulous with the Red Heart pillow, too.
20 x 13"
*Cover only, does not include insert.
This pillow is made by a company in Denmark.  They will be available to ship early next week.  
A delightful bouquet gives this pillow a sweet touch, but the design is classic and clean.  I can't wait to add this to either our bed or our sofa to soften it a bit for a brighter season.
Size : 23" x 16"
Cover Only, Insert not included.
This pillow is made by a company in Denmark.  They will be available to ship early next week.  

Giant Heart Sprinkles,

For the past two years, these these over-sized heart sprinkles have been my most popular item... or was it the Milk Chocolate Glazed Cupcakes that motivated you all?  Won't they look great in a Pink Bakery Box, too?!  They come packaged in a large glass jar.

Red & Pink Cupcake Kit, $5.50
How simple, to whip up a batch of cupcakes (from a cake mix!) in these papers and you have a knockout, darling Valentine's Day treat... looking even better with a Red Heart Sprinkle, of course.

Pink Bakery Boxes

These were a favorite from last year and still a favorite this year!  Fill them with store-bought donuts, homemade cupcakes or... actual gifts.  They are a great size and the most festive color of pink.

On sale, $6.50 for set of 10.

We have just a handful of the Heart Pans left, pictured here with The Dripping Milk Chocolate Heart Cake.  I'd love to hear about what you are planning to make.  I've also thought about doing a layered strawberry shortcake with the heart - that would be right up Emma's alley... or a fruit filled jello "cake."

Heart Pan, $12

Creamware Platters Set

Finding pretty, simple platters can be a challenge.  Many times platters are too bright white, or a little too modern - or adorned with something distracting.  These creamware platters are perfect. 
The smaller ones are perfect for side dishes or appetizers.  The medium sizes are great to make displays of desserts or for a cheese tray.  The large work great for the main course of a dinner party.  When we're entertaining, my favorite way to serve the main course is all on one platter with the beef, pork or chicken in the center, then piles of vegetables on each side - easy and beautiful.
Hanging Willow Baskets

Another favorite is back!   You might remember last year when it was filled with hydrangeas for a Shower we hosted.  It looks great with branches of Cherry Blossoms, big bunches of leaves or wheat in the Fall, branches of berries for the Holidays... endless.  
The secret to using fresh branches and blooms in the basket is using floral tubes to keep them fresh.  I've included 10 large clear tubes with each basket.  Please note, it was a little too large to hang on our old front door, as we had a storm door in front of it, but looks great hanging off of a door knob inside, too.  

Transferware Planters
We have just a few of these Square Planters (and some of the round!) that we found after the rush.  I have mine with potted spring bulbs in my new Indoor Garden that I'm really enjoying.  

Finally, I've restocked most of the Color Collection products - all of the colors of ribbons, candles and tags that coordinate.

This entire Collection of coordinated colors was the starting place for this store 2 1/2 years ago and I still love combining, mixing and matching these elements when I'm planning a party of my own.  As you saw in my office, I love to keep these essentials around to make easy gifting/wrapping and last minute entertaining within reach.

These colors to the left (Red, Emma Pink, Papaya Pashmina and Seaside Blue are all of my favorites for Valentines.  

Shop the entire Valentine's Day Collection, here >

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