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January 28, 2016

Marshmallow Pops | Simple Kid-Friendly Valentine's Day Treat

Easy Homemade Valentine's Treats : Marshmallow Pops

Aren't these cute?!  The same darling look of a cakepop, but so (so!) much easier.  They are fun to eat on their own, but also work great as Hot Chocolate Stirrers.  The best part was that the entire process took 10 minutes with minimal prep and clean-up... and Emma looovvved it.


Homemade treats for holidays are my favorite thing - I love creating something pretty with my hands, it feeds my inner creative artist, and I love encouraging Emma to do the same.  Sometimes I'm in the mood to get the kitchen messy with her, get our hands dirty and make a day of it.  However, most of the time we need something simple and quick but still cute.  Yes, I could go out and buy something, but I just like to make things.  You might feel the same way - or you might think I'm crazy : )   

I've learned that these little quick projects are just as much fun for Emma (and me) and sort of an instant gratification project.  There is no prep, no pre-heating, no getting out the mixer, no flour or sugar on the floor.  There is pink food coloring, melted chocolate, dipping, sprinkles and complete 100% 4-year-old hands-on creating experience of making something cute.  It was the perfect after-school project to help us recover from a hectic day.  I'm trying to incorporate more of realistic and simple activities into our schedule, as part of my goals discussed on Monday.

Emma put these together while I melted the chocolate in the microwave.  She really liked the ones she did on the side - like a hammer... which, might be a fun way to "spin" this for a boy project.

Kids love to have complete control over a project - Emma especially loves anything she can do all by herself.  She shows tremendous pride and sense of accomplishment when she is able to have the reigns.  

More importantly, she experiences competence and ability - she learns she is capable of making something beautiful/delicious and it doesn't have to be purchased.

In this photo, she explaining how to do this - to me.  Confidence meter is very high...

Ingredients : 

Cute Straws (can find these in my store, here)
1/2 cup White Chocolate (we used Ghiradelli melting disks)
2 tablespoons of Heavy Cream
Red Food Coloing

Step 1 : Stick Marsmallows on Straws (you can also cut straws in half to create shorter sticks).

Step 2 : Melt the chocolate with cream in a glass container for 30 seconds, then stir.  Repeat 15 more seconds until melted.  Do not over heat - it will glob up!

Step 3 : Add a tiny drop of red coloring.  Stir.

Step 4 : Dip marshmallows in, place in glass and top with sprinkles.

I'm going to share some more "real life" easy projects for Valentine's Day overt the next week.  I'd love to hear your ideas!

Tiny hands came sneaking in while I was taking this photo...
And it was returned like this about 20 seconds later : )

Pink Stripe Party Straws available here.

If you are looking for something not quite so feminine, these Gold Star Party Straws are perfect for any and every occasion.

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