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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Restocked Items & Great Gifts Guide

Gift Collection & Restocked Favorites

Today I have some new items that I love for gift ideas.  They are things that any entertainer would be excited to receive (including yourself!).  All of these items are in-stock and ready to ship.  

Do you notice the new addition to my Bread Board Collection?  Hint : It's the big guy in the back.

This is a special item.  It is made from reclaimed and recycled materials in the USA by U.S. Veterans.  How awesome - a true American Heirloom.  
You will be impressed with the quality of this board - it is thick, heavy and solid.  You can see the variations that come with terrific handmade things.  They make a great gift for the holidays, for someone else, or yourself ; )  
I love the long linear shape - would make a great cheese board, relish tray or centerpiece on a farm table.
27" Long x 10" Wide

Imagine the nice conversation and moment made when someone opens this gift and reads the tag for everyone to hear.  
Marble & Pewter Cake Stands

I've received a couple of emails inquiring about restocking these stands for Christmas presents - here you go!  I have added a new size, a smaller one that is a great size for everyday uses.

Gifting Baskets

Around the holidays we all need little vessels for gifts.  Whether they are gifts for teachers, hostesses, neighbors or kids - these small baskets are perfect for a group of small treats or a selection of cookies.

Small Square Pint Baskets

Small Rectangle Quart Baskets

Pancake Mix

This is a great gift for neighbors and friends - who doesn't need a "just add water" back up breakfast in their pantry during these cold winter months.  I love this, too, for weekends away.  I threw this mix (and maple syrup, of course) in my suitcase a couple of weeks ago when we were staying in a cabin for the weekend.

Gingham Linen Tea Towels

These sell out instantly every time I restock them - which means everyone will love them on your list : )

Double-Faced Throw

*I've just restocked both colors!

This is the classic "cashmere sweater set" of throws.  They are absolutely timeless, luxurious and rich.  Each throw is double-sided, giving you options to change the look and feel instantly.  The Grey blanket's opposing side is a light heathered grey.  The Camel blanket's opposite side is a classic ivory cream.  Right now I have both in my living room, the camel in our bedroom and a grey in Mike's office.  I couldn't choose.  I'm sure you'll have the same problem.

Child's Baking Set

This was the most requested item that be restocked!  I love how many of you are looking forward to sweet baking moments with your kiddos!

This a photo from my friend who took her Red Transferware Planters to a local florist and had them done - don't they look great!?  I'm finishing up our Christmas  decorating today and plan to do something similar in mine.  I'm planning a mini tree in the large one for Mike's office.  I'll share a little house tour in a day or two with all of the details!

Candy Cane Cookie Cutters

I've restocked these classic Candy Canes - one of our favorites this season.

House Copper Cookie Cutters Set

And, maybe the most requested restock item, the Gingerbread House Cutters!  Even as I write this, the stock is dwindling.  If they've sold out (again), I will see what I can do about getting some more made for early next week.

Pastry Bag Roll of 100

Sometimes I add/update new items and forget to let you know... like these.  I used them this weekend with the girls and my sister said, when did you get those, I would've bought them in a second?!

With the roll, they stay nice and neat in your kitchen drawer... instead of loose bags floating around.  And there's 100.  That should last most of us at least a year ; )

Happy Holiday Shopping!!

Shop the entire Favorite Gift Collection, here >

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